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Bike-Drop is a new secure bike valet service in central London

For most people, cycling is the best way to get around London. It’s quick, cheap, and incredibly liberating. Better to get stuck on the subway or in traffic, and besides, active travel of this nature is a great way to incorporate a little light exercise into your daily life.

There is only one problem: you have to park your bike somewhere. If you cycle to work, your employer may offer secure bicycle parking. Otherwise you won’t be able to lock it and hope that London’s notoriously competent bike thieves will leave.

That’s far from ideal, especially if you’ve squirted several giants on a carbon frame speedster or e-bike. And even if you’ve dug an old bike out of a shed to use, there̵

7;s always a butterfly or two around if you wonder if your bike is still there before it comes into view again.

A new service in the heart of London offers a solution – albeit an expensive one. Bike-Drop offers valet-style bike parking in three locations: Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus, and Regent’s Street, which are open 6am to 8pm daily. These locations are all in W1, so the area covered is relatively small. However, once you are in this zone, the ability to park your bike in a safe place can be invaluable.

That opportunity comes at a pretty high price to pay – at least when compared to a free bike rack, if not more than £ 30, it usually costs to park a car. Book for a day and pay £ 6.50. This is probably the best option as a weekly pass costs £ 38.50, which is the equivalent of £ 5.50 a day – but only if you use it seven days a week. If you use it for the work week you will pay £ 7.70 a day. A monthly pass costs £ 135, £ 4.50 per day based on a 30 day month and is used every day. The costs per working day vary, of course, depending on the month. A three-month pass is available through October 7th for £ 292.50 (£ 3.25 per day).

For some, having secure valet parking close to work is a price worth paying. However, we recommend harassing your employer as well in order to provide this for you free of charge. It might be even better suited for doing some weekend shopping on an e-bike from the outskirts of London. More importantly, we hope this is the start of services that offer a reliable and safe way to drop off your bike – services that we hope will cost less outside of central London.

Reserve a place with Bike-Drop | £ 6.50 per day

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