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Big arms in 20 minutes

Arms are by far the most popular muscle group for exercise. Everyone wants their biceps and triceps to pop when they turn on the stage – or to suddenly bring this role to a standstill on social media.

Just because you want massive arms does not mean you have to spend hours daily improving them. You do not need any failed machines. All you need to split sleeves is 20 minutes, free weights and dedication.

This training only requires equipment that you can easily store at home or at the gym. If you do not have a bench, you can simply lie on the floor instead.

They attack each muscle group with a technique called the Giant Set. In Giant Phrases, you do not do all the phrases for exercise 1

(for biceps in this case), then all the phrases for exercise 2, and so on, as you would normally do. Instead, do a set of Exercise 1 and then, without resting, do a set of Exercise 2, and so on. Continue this way until you have performed one set of each listed exercise in sequence. Only when you have completed a huge set can you rest for 45 seconds before starting on the next Giant Set (in this case for triceps).

The exercises are paired so that they can be performed with the same equipment. The following technique tips contain two exercises in each entry because they are so close to each other.

Technique Tips

Barbell Curl with Long Handle and Barbell with Large Handle

The Barbell Curl is as easy as it gets. Hold your elbows at your sides, twist the rod up to an angle of 45 Degrees and do not use a pulse. If you prefer the EZ staff, use this instead.

In this circuit, you will perform barbell curls in two different ways. First, use a handle that is closer than shoulder width to maintain the outer biceps. Then follow with a wider than shoulder-width handle to burst the inner head. You should not need a lot of weight, as you will do a total of 16 reps between the two versions.

Dumbbell Curl and Hammer Curl

Once you have finished with the dumbbell, exchange it for dumbbells. A barbell is great for lifting heavy weight with both arms while the dumbbells force each arm to work on its own. Your arms are getting tired of the barbell curls, so push yourself down without giving up the good shape.

  Dumbbell Curl

Perform your traditional dumbbell curls with your palms facing up for every 8 repetitions and making sure that your body does not swing your elbow to lift the weight. When done, turn the dumbbells to a hammer blow position to blow your brachialis and forearms. If you have to use a different pair of dumbbells for each curl variant, you decide to do so.

Skull Crusher and Close-Grip Bench Press

If you're not a beginner, you've probably done this superset – or at least seen it done. You do not need a bench to perform these exercises, but using a bench press setup makes it easier Transition from one exercise to the next.


Like the biceps, these first two exercises are dumbbell exercises, and you can use an EZ bar instead if you want. Perform the skull crushers with a tight grip for the required number of repetitions. Keep your upper arms still while you are at the elbow to lower the weight to the back.

Switch to the presses without changing the handle. Keep your elbows close to your body and make this tricep burn. You do not have to fail here, but you should focus on squeezing the triceps up and controlling the weight on the way down.

Tate Press and Kick-Back

Tate Presses will fire all three heads of the triceps with a simple movement. Hold the dumbbells upright on the bench or on the floor, with your elbows outstretched, palms facing your feet and ankles together. In a fluid motion, push the dumbbells up and rotate them to a horizontal position while squeezing your elbows and pressing with the triceps.

Concentrate on your triceps working and do not just push the dumbbells up. This exercise can be a strain on your elbows, so use the correct shape and press on top of the movement.

When you're done, stand up and finish with double-arm triceps kickbacks. To properly load the triceps, you must be in a bent position. So, fold it from the hip and keep the spine straight. When pressing down on the weight, hold the upper arms parallel to the ground on your sides. Only the lower part of your arms should move as you depend on the elbow to hit the weight back.

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