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Biceps and triceps burnout with Davey Fisher

You can consider biceps and triceps to be fun and easy compared to leg day. Well, MusclePharm-sponsored athlete Davey Fisher's arm overload workout will change your mind.

"Although we only work with biceps and triceps, this workout has a lot of volume and is not an average bicep and tricep workout," Fisher warns. "It will be physically exhausting and it will kick your ass."

This Arm Attack begins with the 21er dips and locks method, which alternates between partial and full movement.

"We're going to do this 21 as a form of pre-emptying when you start training to isolate different areas of movement," explains Fisher, "but also to prepare the biceps and triceps for them

The tribulation goes through more skullbreakers than you ever wanted to see in one place, kills with evil high-volume cable supersets, and pushes everything that's still in your arms with preaching and rope extensions. To wrap it, give your arms a break with a few repetitions. As in 1

00. (Editor's note: If you do not like to put a belly pull on your arm workout, you can skip this step.)

Almost all of this training is supersets, so keep your rest time to within one minute exercises. Do not be tempted to call in the last sentence as often as you like. This is the place where magic happens, but only if you really burn it and are doomed to failure.

The prescription of Fisher's Volume Overload is a bit scary and should only be done every 2-3 weeks (yes, it's so hard) by the end of the week, when you've already met the remaining muscle groups. And remember that what happens in the gym damages only the muscle fibers. It is post-workout recovery and nutrition that rebuilds these fibers and strengthens the arms. So do not worry about it.

High Volume Biceps and Triceps Burnout



3 sets, 21 reps (21s method)

3 sets, 21 reps (21s method) [19659014] 2


EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

Note: to nose

3 sets, 8-12 repetitions

EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

Note: on the forehead

3 sets, 8-12 repetitions

EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

Note: behind the head

3 sets, 8-12 reps



1 set to fail (target 12 reps)

Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment

1 set to failure (target 15 reps)


Technique Tips

Bench Dip

If you perform these 21 seconds, perform the first 7 reps with only the lower half of the Move out.

"Start at the bottom of the bath and only press it halfway, arms still bent," says Fisher.

Complete the next 7 reps only in the upper part of the movement and in the final 7 Use your full range of motion.

To get the most out of your Bench Dips, you should keep your shape nice and taut. Fisher emphasizes the importance of keeping your lower back close to the bench and keeping a tight grip.

Forehead Curl

As with dips, keep the first 7 reps in the bottom half of the set, the next 7 in. The top half goes up to the forehead height, and the last 7 reps use the entire range of motion. Fisher encourages us to highlight the endpoints here.

"If you want to make it physically more difficult, add a pause of one second to the endpoint of each repetition to isolate that range of motion," he explains. 19659034] Skullcrusher

Three different skull crushers (executed on the nose, forehead and behind the head) attack your arms from all angles.

"By performing these three different variations of the triceps extension, we can target different parts of the triceps muscle," says Fisher.

  If you want to make this physically more difficult, add a second break at the end point of each repetition to isolate that range of motion, he explains.

Make 12 reps for the first set of each variation, 10 reps for the second set, and 8 repeats for the third set. They will hang around on the bench for a while. Choose a lighter weight that will allow you to do all the repetitions in the right form. Her triceps should work hard all the time.

"You want to avoid locking out the joints here because that would mean the muscle is pausing, and we're trying to maximize the time under tension," says Fisher

Cable Hammer Curl

For correct cable hammer curl, Fisher recommends pinning the elbows, pushing the shoulders back and down, and extending the handles at the top of the movement.

The flare at the top makes this movement a bit more dimensioned and attacks the biceps from a different angle and from a wider range of motion, "he explains.

Straight-bar push-down

Like the Hammerlock, locking in your shape in each repetition, holding your elbows to the sides. "To maximize the connection between mind and muscle, you really need to focus on targeted repetitions and keep things under control," says Fisher. 19659034] Preacher Curl

Since you're pretty much done at this point, Fisher tells you to fail But this last two exercises will require many reps. Shoot for 12-15.

Lowering is just as important like lifting, if not more. "Make sure you control the eccentric part of this buoyancy and exaggerate the range of motion as you move forward oll expansion before it is flexed a little faster, "says Fisher.

But, like the skull breakers, avoid pulling yourself out at the bottom of the movement to keep your muscles working.

Rope Extension [19659030] Mirror the hammer roll, stroke out the ends of the rope at the bottom of the movement, keeping your elbows steady.

"The last section of our hands spread attacks more triceps muscle and makes it a bit more physically productive," explains Fisher.

From Wheel Roll-Out

They do a total of 100 repetitions. Take breaks when you really need it, but make it your goal to limit the number and duration of the breaks.

"Take 5-10 minutes to complete this," Fisher recommends, "because it's likely to be more difficult than you think."

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