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Best upcoming Marvel films and sequels

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Marvel Studios

They are you will watch Marvel movies until you die, and they will go on for a long time. The fun of investing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which ends its long phase of the third phase with Avengers: Endgame of April, is that all this is just a long story: these universes are all interconnected. It's a forever space opera. It is an unlimited franchise.

Marvel has not confirmed his entire future schedule, except for a vague calendar with terms like "Untitled Marvel Movie 8" scheduled for July 2022. However, there are many rumors and even some confirmed directors and characters. All these films are exciting. But how exciting ? Today, we rate all confirmed and partially confirmed Marvel films by how excited we are (and you should) to see them. What's worth it is the Sony movies (which own Spider-Man and occasionally loan MCU stars like Iron Man) and the Fox X-Men movies (which were not yet crossed with Marvel, but might someday) as part of it from the Marvel family, even though they are not technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

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14. Gambit (March 2020)

Worry about this. Channing Tatum plays a major role as a Gambit, a former Louisiana thief who has the ability to influence kinetic energy. Cool, right? We believe. But the film was chaotic from the outset with three different directors leaving the project, from Rupert Wyatt to Doug Liman to Gore Verbinski. It has apparently also switched from a raid movie to a romantic comedy (with the great Lizzy Caplan as Gambit's slide). However, it has not started to film and it does not have a director yet. At the last check, Tatum himself talked about his directing. We'll see if that happens at all.

. 13 X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 2019)

The X-Men have had a rocky road lately, with X-Men: Apocalypse a bit moaning (and headed by Bryan Singer, who is with it surely finished?) and his biggest moment of the last years was ridiculed in Deadpool 2 . They brought the crew back to follow Jean Gray's release of the Phoenix, the stronger characters from the comics. One has to wonder how long this will continue. Actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McVoy are ready to move on, and the franchise is shaky in the shadow of Deadpool. Focusing a whole movie on a hitherto insignificant figure seems to be your own risk. Expect X-Men: Deadpool (or vice versa) once the contracts are completed.

12th Venom 2 (TBD)

The first film was a great success, which obscured the fact that it was a total mess right from the start. (This movie is essentially a series of storylines with occasional CGI explosions.) But Tom Hardy had some crazy energy as Venom, and if one movie earns as much money as this one, there's definitely going to be another one. Maybe they need a little more time to get the details right, or if that does not happen, they'll just drive Hardy crazy. That would be good too.

. 11 Doctor Strange 2 (2021)

The first film was fun, if not particularly inspired. Do you remember anything about Rachel McAdams' character? We argue that Doctor Strange has been more fun in the Infinity War than in his own movie. Director Scott Derrickson will return, and we'll confess that we enjoy the American accent of Benedict Cumberbatch … but that feels a bit insignificant to us.

10th The New Mutants (August 2019)

This could be the exit for the X-Men franchise: these "new" mutants focused on teenage mutants whose incredible powers are held against their will in a facility. If this is the big hit, Fox hopes that's it, they do not have to worry about Lawrence, Fassbender and the crew: they'll have their own new franchise they can build. Director Josh Boone knows his teens; He directed The Fault in their Stars after all. We're not sure if we need a completely different X-Men franchise, but the new blood does not just breathe life into the company.

. 9 Black Widow (2020)

No, it will not be the "Saturday Night Live" version of the story, but it will happen: Scarlett Johannsen has allegedly signed a $ 15 million deal to get the character in a solo movie to play. Directed by Cate Shortland (19459010, Berliner Syndrom, Lore ). The most fascinating rumor about Black Widow is that it is rated R, which would be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to receive the rating.

. 8 Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (TBD)

After the controversy surrounding writer and director James Gunn took him out of the project, the third Galaxy movie was pushed back, but they still plan, and maybe even with Gunn's already finished script. (Though he will not be behind the camera.) These characters remain big company, but you can not wonder if they lose something without losing the master who made everything possible. One way or another: We're still mad at Peter Quill for Infinity War . What was this, man?

. 7 Shang-Chi (TBD)

Announced Just Last Month Shang-Chi is the first Marvel film starring Asia. He is based on a figure who is trained in martial arts and is confronted with his own demons. The film is written by Dave Callaham, who also wrote the upcoming sequel Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verses and the sequel Wonder Woman . Time seems to be the right thing to do, and it is clearly in the right hands.

. 6 The Eternals (2020)

The first major tent pole of the fourth phase of the MCU, The Eternals, is a babble of beings from another world who have superhuman, yes, everything; think less Hawkeye, more Thanos. It is believed that this is a big project, the linchpin of the next phase, but we are perhaps the most excited about the affiliated director: Chloe Zhao, who made the incredible The Rider of 2018 unlike a mass enterprise like this, has human potential.

. 5 Captain Marvel (March 2019)

The long overdue first Marvel film focused solely on a female lead role – the only thing DC defeated them – In Captain Marvel Brie Larsen becomes a former Air Force pilot named DNA is merged with a Kree warrior in an accident, making her a galactic superhero. You may recall the call to Captain Marvel in the credits of Infinity War, which linked the two Avengers movies, but the timeline takes place in the '90s, which is likely to Expect lots of snapple and rapper with high hair.

. 4 Spider-Man: Far from Home (July 2019)

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the funniest Spider-Man movie of a decade … at least until Spider-Man: Into the Spider -Verse came about. Tom Holland has revived the character in public awareness, and the result (helped by a great villain, played by Michael Keaton and a generally dizzying teen bop vibe) was a blast. The sequel includes a school trip to Europe and a villain named Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Spider-Man fatigue is natural at this point in time, but director Jon Watts kept things moving the first time and is back for this time. We are not quite tired yet by Spidey

3. Black Panther 2

The highest-grossing Marvel movie of all time – and the third-highest-grossing film of all time – is obviously at the top of the list of excitement, and even if it loses its incredible villain Killmonger Wakanda and its people have endless stories to tell. Ryan Coogler has signed up for the direction, so we're already in: Heck, it's possible that the first movie eventually wins the best movie. And you never know: Maybe you will find a place for Michael B. Jordan.

. 2 Spider-Man: In the Spider Verse 2 (2020)

This is certainly not what they call it, but once you've seen the fantastic original, you know that the number of spin-offs has no limits. We're sure to get a Noir Spider-Man and a Spider-Woman and maybe even a Spider-Ham movie, but this one will surely focus on Miles Morales, the hero of the first movie. Eventually they will dilute the size of the first movie and it will be a crap. But now: we want as many of these films as they will give us.

. 1 Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

This is the big, the second half of the epic that hits the cliffhanger of Thanos (Spoiler? We suspect?), Who ripped half of the universe out of life. How do they all come back? Are all back? How do you take care of Thanos? And perhaps most intriguing: which heroes, original Avengers, are being withdrawn from the franchise system. Is that for Captain America? Ironman? Nick Fury? Movies worth more than a decade have led to this film especially. Everything that comes after that will be a reaction to it. It's the biggest and maybe the biggest ever.

Grierson & Leitch write regularly about the films and moderate a podcast in the film . Follow them on Twitter or visit their website .

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