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Best Purses for Men 2019

Your wallet is not just for storing cards and cash. It is a statement piece – an accessory that appeals to the character and style of a man. We speak of a daily wearing comfort that your boss, Tinder Date or Starbucks Barista will immediately recognize and respect.

An upgrade to a new wallet seems easier than done, especially for guys with sticking problems. But seriously, did you really think that the torn and tattered wallet your father bought you years ago would last forever? Do not answer that. Instead, retire this jerk and invest in something more mature and professional.

Whether you need a wallet with serious organization or just a seat for a few cards, there's something for everyone. However, you need to know which one suits your lifestyle best. To help you with this, we listed the most common wallet types and their differences.

Bifold wallets

These wallets make money management easier Easy access to credit cards and folding bills in conventional design.

Pros: One additional tray, lightweight, many options
Cons: Less card slots than other models

Minimalist purses [1

9659002] Typically referred to as a cardholder, minimalist purses have a super-slim profile and multiple credit card slots, making them perfect for guys who live on a plastic connection. 19659002] Advantages: Designed for front pockets, lightweight, several finishes
Cons: Little room for bills

Money clips [19599002] ] Ideal for men who have one looking for an elegant approach to bring out their wealth.

Pros: Durable construction, flexible accessibility, often manufactured by luxury designers
Cons: Limited capacity, minimal protection

Travel wallets

Think of breast pockets or passport wallets that offer plenty of space to secure all your travel essentials such as passport, foreign currency, receipts, and more.

Pros: Large storage, large pockets, high quality aesthetics
Cons: Inexpensive, not pocket friendly

Special bags

RFID, smartphone and tactical wallets – these hybrid options are highly resilient and provide the ultimate in storage for your personal belongings.

Pros: Grade A Protection Serve Many EDC Purposes Special Features
Disadvantages: Not many models available

Options are everything and today's market spoils you with tons of them. Here are 20 of our most popular modern wallets for every taste.


Herschel Supply Co. Oscar Card Case

Herschel Supply Co.

$ 30.00

The wallets by Herschel offer the same comfort and high-quality design as the company's best-selling bags. The Oscar remains a personal favorite due to its accessibility, sturdy construction and secure zippered pocket for big bills. Camo-Print always brings cool points with the Fellas, but the other colors – Black, Navy and Raven Crosshatch – are just as good.


Fossil Ward Leather Wallet

A combination of nostalgic design and world-class features, The community was designed for personal protection. The two-tone leather fabric is elegant and sturdy enough to hold countless banknotes, while RFID shielding prevents hackers from accessing your personal information. Traditionalists will also appreciate the flip window for instant ID access.


Tumi Monaco – Slim leather case with card case


$ 100.00

Tumi wallets are a must for style enthusiasts around the world. The latest addition to the Monaco collection appeals to ballers who run this "life" with four card slots to regulate their international spending. The black leather version radiates strength, while the navy version sinks sophistication.


Ultralight M-clip made of aluminum money clip

The special feature of the M-clip is the ability to carry up to 7 cards and 10 bills at the same time. All credibility goes to the superior technique. The V-Series is a rugged lightweight aircraft aluminum option with an adjustment mechanism to adjust and secure your Moolah.


Bellroy's Hide and Sek® Wallet

nordstrom .com

$ 89.95

Surprisingly thin yet durable, Bellly's remarkable look at the wallet conceals several compartments in a sleek design. Trademarks such as the owl logo and sturdy quilted lining are retained. There are many sleeves and a secret storage area on the back of the purse, which is perfect for storing women's numbers.


Leather HEX iPhone Parchment Leather Wallet

Your skinny jeans can only be used with so much weight. One way to streamline your bags: a smartphone case. HEX offers some of the hottest multi-purpose cases, all designed to protect your iPhone and stash EDC items. The slim profile, combined with a parchment leather wrap and elastic closure, gives the entire package a stylish, minimalist design.


Nappa Leather Folio Wallet

Joint Projects

$ 162.00

This discreet and extraordinary brown folio wallet features luxurious calfskin that wraps around the entire frame for a smooth look that feels comfortable to the touch. The completely black interior is equally refined and has several slots for bank cards and cash.


Ridge Wallet Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet

Ridge Wallet

$ 72.00

The Ridge Wallet is as practical and usable as it comes. Anodized aluminum plates hold the entire device together, ensuring the best possible fall protection. Ridge also has several useful features, including RFID blocking, a built-in money clip and an expandable track to adjust the currency load during the move.


Pioneer Matter 10XD Wallet

Pioneer Carry

$ 80.00

For the guy who tears through leather wallets like paper, here's a fortified billfold that even the hulk would be hard to tear. The 10XD is a beast of ripstop material that is ten times stronger than steel and offers a long life to protect cards and folded cash.


Coach Boxed Slim Bill Wallet

Neimanmarcus .com

$ 125.00

If you value fine cars and full-grain leather, you should look for this stylish wallet. The brown exterior and embossed vehicle print are a tribute to the leather interior of most classic Corvettes. And if you wonder about the space in the compartment, there are enough to keep your weekly pay with six cards.


Dunhill Cadogan Leather Card Case


$ 180.00

The British know luxury, and Dunhill's collection of cardholders is proof. The Cadogan is an exercise in first-class craftsmanship. Made of Sulfur cowhide, it has a bold geometric pattern that goes well with your premium denim. With six card slots and a pocket, the size is increased.


Paul Smith – Artist Strips – Money Clip

Paul Smith

$ 95.00

Paul Smith adds value to your personal wealth by adding multicolored touch to the popular EDC accessory. It has an eye-catching wickerwork with a textured surface that provides excellent grip control when pulling out banknotes.


Off-white diagonal printed leather card holder with leather case


$ 270,00

The off-white movement is currently the hottest trend in menswear. Therefore, it is only fitting for Virgil Abloh to leave his mark with a new line of minimalist purses in the accessory game. His contribution: This exclusive card case, highlighted by pebbled leather and diagonal stripes that perfectly match the brand's sought-after Nike pieces.


Burberry Vintage checked leather wallet


$ 350.00

If you're a guy who likes his purses like his classic colognes, then Burberry is a brand that appeals to your inner gentleman. Retain your sophisticated atmosphere with this two-slip one-bill offering featuring the iconic Burberry check print and plenty of slots for your AMEX cards.


Paul Smith – Wallet with embroidered stripe

Paul Smith

$ 212.00

Men with versatile styles often have a Paul Smith accessory in their back pocket. This bold wallet is an attractive option thanks to its colorful, zigzag-embroidered stripes, an updated version of the designer's trademark. The gold print on the bottom is still a seal of quality and style.


Bottega Veneta Leggero leather wallet for Intrecciato

Bottega Veneta

$ 480.00

The preference of Bottega Veneta for great craftsmanship is best demonstrated with this beautiful Italian wallet. The company's unmistakable intrecciato weaving takes center stage and shows a first-rate, light feeling. The red leather interior also stands out and creates a complex two-tone design for executives that looks extraordinary.


Octovo The Globe Passport Wallet


$ 130.00

Octovo sells a fancy, sleek solution for globetrotters who want to keep their travel documents at the highest level. It's a lightweight Italian vegetable leather passport holder with elegant details like diagonal cut pockets and a stainless steel pen to write business notes.


Shinola Trifold Wallet


$ 175.00

Sustainability in a deluxe package is Shinola's bag. Therefore, do not expect anything except size when pulling out this luxurious leather wallet. It's an attractive piece that folds out beautifully to reveal three rows of pockets that organize your personal belongings.


Stuart and Lau Slim Wallet

Stuart and Lau

$ 135.00 [19659002] The Slim Wallet combines high quality materials with modern technology and offers everything you need from a luxury -Port expectation. The design is beautiful, with brushed edges, monofilament nylon thread stitching and vegetable tanned Italian leather. The inclusion of RFID protection only adds to its value. Best of all, it's available in 8 vibrant colors.


Gucci Leather Billfold Wallet


$ 560.00

If anything screams for exclusivity, then it's a Gucci wallet that misses out on the iconic fashion house. No, this is not the byproduct of a warehouse malfunction, but a theme from the last Gucci collection, which is pretty clever and well executed. Its remarkable gold print design with soft black Italian leather envelops the entire wallet. You have enough room for eight cards, receipts and several Benjamins.

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