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Beats Headphones up to $ 100 off Walmart Over July 4th

  • Beats Noise Canceling Headphones are available in Walmart for up to $ 100 from July 4th.
  • Options include Black, Silver and Rose Gold or the two-tone "Pop Styles".
  • Beats headphones can be charged for almost two days.

    Fact: The world would be a completely different place without noise canceling headphones. The iron pumping grunts in the gym would distract you too much to perfect your board. This crying baby at 34C would keep you busy all night while you make a grueling red-eyed flight. And let's just say your morning shuttle service would not be so pleasant without it.

    A good noise canceling headphone makes your everyday life much more enjoyable. Therefore, every time we find a pair a lot, a small piece of victory. Walmart offers an epic discount for Beats by Dr. Ing. Dre's Beats Solo3 on-ear wireless headphones.

    Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

    What is it about? This pair offers the same rich, clear sound quality for the beats of Dr. Ing. Dre is known (and loved!). Between the adjustable headband and padded ear cups, this pair of ears provides a comfortable, comfortable fit that does not get out of whack during your workout. And when you're done with your headphones, thanks to the collapsible design, you can fold them up and put them in your gym bag.

    While Beats by Dr. Known for its sleek design and superb quality, you'll also love the impressive battery life of this model. Not only can the battery be charged up to 40 hours (ie, almost two full days), but with its dedicated Fast Fuel technology, you can achieve three hours of battery life in just five minutes. Wow .

    Originally $ 299.95, Wal-Mart's sale is the cherry on this shopping mug. For a limited time, you can buy traditional colors like black, silver, and rose gold for $ 203.29. Do you want to save even more? You can buy Beats' two-tone "pop" styles for $ 199. Granted, a $ 200 headphone is by no means cheap. However, if you are looking for a pair built for eternity, you should add it to your e-cart.

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