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Basic clean diet and exercise helped man to gain 75 pounds of muscle

  • Stephen Chase grew up as a "chunky boy" before he dropped out of high school.
  • After a bad break, he developed unhealthy habits and weighed only 135 pounds.
  • He started eating clean and exercising 75 pounds in seven years.

    When Stephen Chase graduated from high school, he weighed only 135 pounds.

    He knew that was not healthy, but it was hard for him to cope even with his physical health. He felt that his emaciated body was the result of a rather bad separation, and both his physical and mental struggles made him feel like garbage without the motivation to do anything.

    "The Depression really took its toll and I was thinking about some pretty dark thoughts," said 26-year-old Chase, who is active in selling cyber security in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Men & # 39; s Health . "And for some reason one day just clicked that I had to change something or something bad would happen."

    But Chase was not always underweight. When he went to high school, he was a self-described "chunky kid." He was one year younger than his peers, only 1

    3 years old, and found himself an easy target for bullying at 5'3 "and nearly 190 pounds. He spent most of his free time playing video games and junking in his free time. Eating food – even his position in school music sat down and played keyboards in the "pit." He was considered an "Energy Drink Kid" because he could be seen every day after lunch drinking a Red Bull or a monster Chase, they were never sugar-free either.

    But he would not be "clunky" for long. "Fortunately, I got a car wash job in the summer before junior year and spent a lot of time outdoors sweating ," he says Chase lost about 45 pounds, but the pendulum swung too far in the other direction, leaving him listless and tired because he was so underweight.

    Fast forward to his lowest point, after high school and after Trennu The decision to change came suddenly and simply: He woke up on his day off and realized that he wanted to be different.

    He threw away all his junk food and stuffed himself with what he thought was healthy: tilapia, chicken, turkey, green vegetables, brown rice and sweet potatoes. He went to a gym and started working five or six days a week to free himself from the breakup and the rest of his life.

    Chase had a group of friends who worked in the gym and asked to build up his training. In six months he added fifteen to twenty pounds. "I ate a lot," he says, "and I think what everyone forgets is that a pure clean mass does not really exist." Now, seven years later, he weighs about 200 pounds.

    "I will not lie, 200 pounds on a 5 & # 39; frame feel pretty weird," says Chase, "and I do not feel very mobile at this time, though I'm going in one. " Cut Phase and I know that I feel much better in the 185 lb range.

    Chase Credits get bigger because it improves both their physical and mental health. He felt a great confidence boost as people noticed his gains and the new feelings of self-esteem helped him master a stressful job. And if he has problems, there is always a gym. "Endorphins are a damn good drug, and when you're at a low point," says Chase, "you need as many as you can."

    He attributes his success to taking things one day at a time, ignoring "influencers" but surrounded by positive reinforcement and not afraid to ask questions.

    He still has plans to achieve even higher goals. He hopes to find an aesthetic with which he is content to maintain that look and maybe even take part in some NPC shows. It is an ongoing process that he compares to a marathon. "As for the end," says Chase, "fitness is never over.

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