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Avengers: Endgame Trailer – How We Lied

We're not sure who to blame, but basically every single Marvel trailer since Iron Man 3 has told us a massive lie.

Whether it's this exciting shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man flying together (that was not actually in Homecoming ) or the Infinity War design of all that belong to he runs the camera (which did not make the final cut either – and not in Infinity War at least because it contains Hulk), there were many tricks and absolute lies in the biggest supporters of the MCU.

Why should Endgame ̵

1; the most significant film in Marvel's story – be different? We did it frame by frame to find out which (likely) fibs to find in this brilliant movie ad.

. 1 The RIP Video Screens

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			<span class= Marvel Studios

          This sequence has the clearest potential for the formation of Fibbery If the set-piece is only for the trailer Infinity War we would not pass them to create images distributed from the computer for this sequence Endgame .

          The presence of Peter Parker is a pretty big indication that it is in this Moment gives something: Because Bruce Banner mourns some random boy and did he even meet Scott Lang?

          Spider-Man is the only character in the MCU with a secret identity, and while in the 19459003 Infinity War it's quite open was for people like Doctor Strange and the Guardians, all who knew Parker's Spider-Man (Tony Stark and Aunt May aside) were dusted off.Why do the Avengers care about Parker's fate if they do not know who he is is? [19659003] As far as Scott Lang is concerned, Banner was off the planet when Ant-Man took on the Avengers in the Civil War and Lang was not even listed in Infinity War . So it's not like they have a close connection (or any connection).

          We were also told that Shuri survived the snapshot (Angela Bassett was asked if she had turned to dust in the Infinity War and said, "No, my daughter is not, Shuri, she is one smart woman.) Girl there in Wakanda. So … & # 39; & # 39;) So, what does Shuri do on the video screen before switching to Peter?

          . 2 Scott Lang's video feed

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			<span class= Marvel Studios

          Speaking of video-screen-trickery, we believe there's something Timey-Wimey-Nonsens in the closing moments of Endgame Trailers continues: When Scott Lang arrives in front of the Avengers headquarters, he says, "We met at the airport a few years ago, I really grew up." America says, "Is that an old message?" We zoom on Black Widow, before we switch back to Lang, with a voice from Widow: "It's the front door."

          Something seems to be wrong on this whole section. Why did Captain America wonder if it was an old message? when Lang specifies the timeline ("We met at the airport a few years ago?") If we are not so far in the future that "a few years" was ten years ago, it's a weird thing for him

          Besides, it does not surprise us that he asks if it is is an old message because the video screen in the upper left corner says "Archive". So it's definitely an old news! What makes us think about the Black Widow dialogue "It's the front door" (which, to be fair, does not answer Cap's question – it could be the front door in the past, present or future is the lie.)

          Actually, we do not see Cap and Widow in the same shot as this screen in the trailer, so they could react to anything. What if the message they're talking about has nothing to do with Lang?

          What if Cap thinks Tony is dead (maybe it's Tony's face and not Peter's face on the CGI screen that Banner is so angry about) and he just heard Stark's message to Pepper? Anyway, this whole sequence makes our Liedy sense tingle, and we expect big revelations in the finished movie.

          . 3 Hawkeye's Return


          Marvel Studios Disney

          Okaaaaaay, so what the hell is going on here? Internet detectives have found that Thanos & # 39; Snap disappeared into Hawkeye's family, causing him to change his identity, causing him to become a ronin and … to travel to Japan to kill people in the rain. As? WHAT ARE THESE THINGS CONNECTED?

          Again, we think editing is used to let us think that this all happens in the chronological narrative, which causes people to do fan-theory backflips to explain it, but we believe that we could look at an alternative universe here.

          Multiverse to retrieve the closest object from Hawkeye that you can find, as the original Avengers lineup is essential for undoing Thanos – Catch in some ways.

          If Ronin kills people after the snap in an emergency, Thanos's plan to balance the universe has definitely failed.

          . 4 Tony's helmet

            image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/tony-s-helmet -1545157575.png? Crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> </picture></div>
			<span class= Marvel Studios

          This could be a lie or a simple continuity error, but our level of confidence is so low right now. We'll assume that everything is part of a massive fraud An attentive viewer noticed something rather important: Tony's Iron Man helmet is damaged in the wrong place.

          Meanwhile, we also noticed something – this vest by Tony Well, he did not wear it the last time we saw him, he had a black jacket and nothing under it at the end of Infinity War The vest wears something Stark would wear – In fact, in the first Iron Man movie he wears something similar when he is trapped in the cave. That's why we wonder if the Russos are trying to unconsciously remember the film in this last movie by Stark.It's a weird piece of continuity when it's meaningless.

          But it's at the point where we n Would not be surprised if this extended sequence turned just for the trailer, because so many elements weaken (how does Tony know that Pepper has survived the snapshot? So tired of all these lies).

          . 5 Captain America's Beard

            image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/ missing-beard- 1545158393.png? Crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> </picture></div>
			<span class= Marvel Studios

          If you like, you can not really let Steve Rogers' facial hair go if you want, but there is also something appealing about Captain Americ's Caring Tasks in this Trailer.

          So, if you've got everyone you care about ashes in hand, what's the first thing you do? "To get a fresh, fresh look, that's it!

          It feels strange that after the most devastating event in a life of devastating events, Steve Rogers looks smarter and more together than before, has he never heard of it – the concept of the "beard of grief?"

          Marvel either uses it same techniques as the Justice League to CGI-Cut Henry Cavill's mustache (look at Steve's lips as he says, "Because I do not know what I'll do if it's not like that," see they do not look right, they do not look right why?) or that is Steve from another timeline or reality.

          We just do not want to believe Cap would find time for a haircut after snapping.

          6. The Marvel logo turns to dust

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			<span class= Marvel Studios

          Oh yes, Marvel Studios did not survive Thanos & # 39; Snap? WELL then who will release this movie? Fig.

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