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As Stellan Skarsgård made an Emmy nomination for & # 39; Chernobyl & # 39; received

  • Stellan Skarsgård is one of the stars of HBO's Chernobyl .
  • Together with co-stars Jared Harris and Emily Watson, he was nominated for an Emmy appearance.
  • In a conversation with Men's Health he discussed how his real experiences had an impact on the way he played his Chernobyl character .

    HBO's Chernobyl was a gigantic success with almost every possible metric. What began as modest success at the beginning of May – just as the giant of the network Game of Thrones achieved its goal ̵

    1; eventually developed into a massive, vivacious, universal success. Fans and critics revered the story of the show, the truth about reality and the massive scope.

    At the center of all this was the brilliant drama that anchored the show. Stellan Skarsgård had achieved great success before – he was part of the MCU, Pirates of the Caribbean and countless other big-screen bargains. He even had the opportunity, in a couple of Mamma Mia! Movies. But the tremendous scale and his impressive performance in Chernobyl brought him something he had not experienced in his 51-year career – an Emmy nomination for acting.

    Already in April, before being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a limited series, we had the opportunity to talk to Skarsgård about experiencing the real Chernobyl disaster, to bring in his own experiences and to be part of this exciting project. This conversation will be reviewed in the run-up to the Emmys ceremony on September 22, below:

    Stellan Skarsgård may play Boris Shcherbina, the government figure who appeared as a whistleblower in HBO's Chernobyl . The announced docudrama is far from his first experiences with the man-made nuclear disaster in Ukraine. He lived it, as clouds of remnant overtook the sky of the northern Swedish homeland.

    "For years, we could not eat berries, mushrooms or reindeer meat," he said in an interview with Men's Health. " Well, it was a pretty dramatic thing in Sweden at the time."

    When he did not live in the Soviet system, but in "happy Sweden", as Skarsgård mentioned, he was aware that there was such a nuclear incident with catastrophic consequences. But when he lived in Sweden – in the Western world – he was completely disconnected from the dark reality of the situation. He still did not know why the incident happened until after Chernobyl he researched for HBO and finally learned that the on-screen presentation was incredibly accurate.

    For one thing, he did not know that the catastrophe was not inevitable; that it was in fact an avoidable event, which became worse and worse as a result of the refusal of a stubborn government to admit that it was at fault. "I did not know how the Soviet system itself was one of the causes of this accident," he said. "If you have a system that must be infallible, that does not allow for mistakes in the system, people start to lie and hide truths."

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    While Shcherbina like Jared Harris & # 39; Valery Legasov was based on a real person who was involved in the aftermath and cleanup of the Chernobyl disaster, There was no It's not too much biographical research to get into the head of this historical figure or anything – it just was not out there.

    He found what he could find and looked at photos of Shcherbina but it was more important for Skarsgård that he fit the script's requirements and his own idea of ​​who that character should be consistent. It was important to him that he worked well with Harris.

    " We have an interesting arc to play from this total opposition to a very close friendship, "he said.

    Much of the relationship Skarsgård describes comes from the two main cast members, who have a lot of nuclear jargo n spin around. It is important that the two performers reproduce these pieces technically correct, but also ensure that the viewers, who may not be as scientifically savvy as their characters, still get to the point.

    Does he understand something of what he said? Skarsgård said it was not too difficult to deal with the physical concepts. He immediately remembered his role in the 1990s classic Good Will Hunting in which he played an advanced mathematician. "I did not understand anything of what I said there," he said.

    Throughout his career – which now lasted more than 50 years – he was a chameleon that mixed from movie to movie, whether it be the advanced mathematician in Good Will Hunting, a decaying one Pirate in the movies Pirates of the Caribbean as a scientist in the movies Thor and Avengers or even as a dumb travel writer in Mamma Mia! Movies. He has become a master at capturing not only different characters but also different moods.

    "The different moods … that's my job, that's fun," said Skarsgård. "I've enjoyed switching from Mamma Mia! to [Chernobyl] being everywhere and meeting no audience expectations, for me it's like having a very varied diet."

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    Skarsgård could remake this diet for his role in Denis Villeneuve's Dune, in which he plays the plump villain of the movie ( "It's really bad, it's really fat too.") The film is scheduled to be shot in Budapest this summer and will be released in the fall of 2020. The extensive and quite impressive cast of the film has been well documented, including Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem and more.

    Given the character of Harkonnen's book illustrations The Years ( Dune is based on Frank Herbert's fantasy novel) and David Lynch's Original adaptation We can assume that Skarsgård's attitude is also pretty cruel, and when he mentions how much time it takes to cope with the character every day on set. "I'm getting every day he said, pointing out that in this case, fortunately, it's a limited role. "So I'm glad he's not on every page."

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