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Andrew Vollert’s ‘Hard Knocks’ cut was brutal, vulgar and awkward

  • Hard blows is completely different this year, but the players who are cut in the training camp remain the same.
  • Episode 1 of the new season in Los Angeles had an awkward scene in which Chargers trainer Anthony Lynn banned Andrew Vollert from the team.
  • “You have to be kidding me!” He told the trainer after bumping his elbows.

    One of the most brutal parts to watch Hard blows sees the players at the end of the roster scratch their way towards their dream; Some are success stories and make it to the end of the camp, others aren̵

    7;t that lucky. And now, in a season that is becoming increasingly surreal and bizarre with COVID-19 and its associated health protocols, the players are still being cut – and it’s as brutal as ever.

    In the first episode of the new one Hard blows During the Los Angeles season, a young player named Andrew Vollert was cut to the screen by Chargers coach Anthony Lynn after Lynn made additional cadre cuts over the phone.

    Vollert, who had worked his way back after tearing his ACL a year ago, walked into the room immediately and knew what was going to happen. “You have to be fucking kidding me,” the tight end said after bumping his trainer’s elbows before Lynn said anything.

    “I just scratched my ass and I know I can play,” he told his coach.

    Lynn assured him that the decision came down to a numbers game and that in a season that was to be more transactional than ever before, Vollert should stay ready and in shape and he could easily be called back. Someone who knows a system can be very valuable, especially since seasonal injuries – and this year, likely season COVID inconveniences – make the rosters malleable and fluid.

    As strict as both men were with each other, watching TV was uncomfortable. One person fires another while both continue to look each other in the eye. Well that will do.

    Vollert, a vacant free agent from Weber State in 2018, spent some time with the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals before signing with the Chargers last summer. It ripped open its ACL in the 2019 preseason and worked its way back to its August 1st release.

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    Speaking to GM Tom Telesco, Lynn seemed impressed by the sharpness Vollert showed on his face as the two men pondered the anger Vollert had when he realized he was about to be cut off from the chargers become. He told the GM to keep him shortlisted for a recall. “This is the first time I’ve seen any emotions from him!” Said Lynn. “I like this!”

    Lynn wasn’t lying when he said it was going to be a long season. Time – and circumstances – will tell if Vollert is able to find his way back.

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