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Andrew Lincoln stars in three The Walking Dead films

Andrew Lincoln is not done with Rick Grimes yet. Although he leaves The Walking Dead the actor returns to several stand-alone films taking place in the Walking Dead universe, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Note: The last season of The Walking Dead including the last episode in which Lincoln has appeared is down to ruin.

Lincoln played the series for almost 10 years, and Rick announced that Season 9 will be his last so he can spend more time with his family in England. But that does not mean he finally wanted to give up his revolver. Andrew Lincoln: Zombies at the Age of 40

There came The Walking Dead as Chief Content Officer: Scott M. Gimple was the core of Walking Dead franchise, to which already the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is part of ̵

1; an ambitious plan for further expansion of the universe.

"There's more story to tell and we'll tell it," said Gimple THR in an interview. "Rick's story will continue in movies. At the moment we are working on three, but that is flexible. … In the next few years we will do specials, new series are quite possible, high-quality digital content and then a content that contradicts a description at the moment. We will dig into the past and see old characters. We will introduce new characters and new situations.

  The Walking Dead / AMC
The Walking Dead / AMC

In the last episode of Lincoln, Rick's character is wounded and then rescued by a helicopter. Although the destination is unknown. One of the new feature films with Lincoln is likely to follow his journey after his rescue. In Lincoln's final episode of the series, Rick goes through a feverish dream in which he has the opportunity to connect with long-dead characters like Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Shane (Jon Bernthal). Andrew Lincoln: Our Sheriff at the Apocalypse

The next big surprise came at the end when she unveiled the story of The Walking Dead and jumped six years, and Rick's young daughter Judith is old enough to kill even zombies. Following Rick, Judith wears the classic sheriff hat he wore in the series.

The Walking Dead has been a great success for AMC and a big money maker over the years. That's why the network and creative partners want to expand the property. In the same way as the comic series could tell side-stories in the larger Walking Dead universe, the new digital and television content will do the same.

Lincoln's first feature film project is expected to go into production in 2019, according to the New York Times .

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