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AMRAP workout by British Crossfit Champ Zack George

We were surprised that there were no more G-Shock fitness watches. It’s a brand that seems ripe for swinging weighted items like kettlebells. But now there is one – as fashionable late as it is fashionable – in the form of the G-Shock H1000, which packs a heart rate monitor and a GPS receiver into its bulky frame. While we’re putting it through its paces for a review, G-Shock Sports Ambassador Zack George shared a workout to put us and you through their paces.

It’s fair to say that this is the kind of CrossFit workout that George, who won the 2020 UK CrossFit Open, could get through – but unless you’re a seasoned CrossFit fan, you might throw in the towel early after You have made an effort to complete a toning ring. We have therefore made some suggestions for variations in both equipment and difficulty to facilitate access.

The format of the training is an AMRAP, which stands for “as many rounds as possible”

; of a sequence of exercises in a specific time. In this case, a round consists of a 15-calorie row, ten burpees facing the bar, and five ring muscles (see below).

“AMRAPS is all about speed,” says George. “You see a lot of people going out too hard and resting too much in the later laps to recover from the tough pace at which they started. I’ll set a pace that I want to keep on each lap and stay constant until the last minute when I really accelerate the pace. “

It can be useful to have a handheld device like the G-Shock H1000 (Natch) with a timer and the ability to set alerts to hum after the finish lap time. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your heart rate. “I always know if I’m working too hard by looking at my heart rate,” says George.

15-minute AMRAP training

1st row

Duration 15 calories

Row until the monitor shows you have burned 15 calories. You can do this on any cardio machine, or use a wearable and run until it records 15 calories burned.

2 burpees overlooking the bar

Representative 10

Stand in front of yourself with a barbell. Drop your hands on the floor right in front of your feet, jump back with your feet, lower your chest to the floor, and then return to standing movements. Jump over the bar, turn back toward the bar, and continue pacing. If you don’t have a barbell, jump over it with a low object.

3 ring muscles

Representative 5

Hang on a set of rings. Pull yourself up and over the bar so that your arms are locked with your hands under your shoulders. This is a demanding step that requires strength, mobility, and requires personal instruction and a lot of practice to master. As you learn, make the movement easier by doing it on a chin-up bar. If you’re completely new to it, sign up in a pull-up instead.

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