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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader Review 2020

I’ve been a novel lover since middle school, a Barnes and Noble strolling book lover, and as an adult, I still appreciate the mental break that comes with losing in a great story. Younger than I vowed to stay true to paper books and always feel the actual pages of my novels. But surprisingly, despite the constant zoom meetings and virtually permanent attachment to my laptop, one of my favorite ways to relax is to stare at another device: Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. The ease and convenience of using this black and white e-reader changed my mind.

The Kindle Paperwhite is light enough to balance effortlessly in the palm of my hand, and I love that this tablet only has a single button on the bottom so I don̵

7;t have to worry if I accidentally hold it. The Kindle is also great for on the go as it’s thin enough to fit in my purse without taking up a lot of space. Despite being a sleek electronic device, the Kindle is also extremely durable. It’s waterproof and has weathered several accidental drops from my slippery fingers.

Since I wear glasses every day, the Kindle’s helpful anti-glare screen ensures that I have no problems reading for long periods of time, and it’s easy to adjust the e-reader to the needs of my eyes. For days when I want to wrap up a few chapters without straining my eyes (like now while reading The disappearing half by Brit Bennett), I can increase the font size of the Kindle and decrease the brightness of the screen for a more comfortable view. And for times when I would rather rest my eyes, there is the option to switch to the audio book, which is extremely dome.

The Kindle user interface is intuitive, so switching between files in my library is a breeze when I change my mind about my book list. The tablet makes it easy to read what I’m most interested in and learn about some of the most popular books available on my home screen. Plus, since my Amazon account is linked, it’s effortless to download a new book to my library in less than five minutes. Perhaps most importantly, the battery will last forever on a single charge. I haven’t plugged mine in since August and it’s still at 60% which is handy on long trips when I forget to pack the charger.

While I will forever love peeking into my local bookstore, there is no benefit to the all-in-one convenience that the Kindle Paperwhite offers. Traditional paper books always have a special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf), but this tablet provides essential props to not only save time and energy, but also space on the shelf.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This waterproof e-reader is easy on the eyes (literally) as it comes with an anti-glare screen and has customizable brightness and font settings to suit your reading preferences.


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