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Adidas Ultraboost 20 Primeblue women running shoe review

I’ve run in the Adidas Ultraboost since the shoe was first introduced in 2015. I honestly can’t remember how or why I ran in them, but I do remember the firm but bouncy ride they offered. It was unlike anything I’d seen before.

Five years later, I’ve ridden multiple races and covered countless miles on different iterations of the Adidas Ultraboost over the years. So of course I was excited to test this latest version: the Adidas Primeblue Ultraboost 20.

They are called Primeblue because a large part of the shoe is made from what Adidas calls “Parley Ocean Plastic” – garbage that was intercepted by an organization called Parley for the Oceans. The group runs coastal and beach cleanings around the world, and some of the plastic it collects is used in Adidas Primeblue shoes. (Adidas has a goal of using these recycled materials in all of their shoes by 2024.) That would be great on its own, but what is really amazing is that the shoe holds up as a solid trainer that I love to run in would day after day.

How I tested

I wore this shoe five times in the course of a month. I ran on flat, paved roads during the heat of summer, averaging three or four miles per run.

As with all shoes tested for the SELF Certified Sneaker Awards, I considered factors such as the fit, how the shoe conforms to my foot, how the shoe rides, the general feel of my body, and the ease with which I feel could fall into a comfortable running frequency. For more information on our criteria, based on recommendations from our experts, click here.

While they are running shoes ̵

1; and our criteria are based on them – I also thought about whether I could imagine wearing these shoes for anything else. Could I also do some simple squats or even lift a few dumbbells in it and still be comfortable? I think it’s extremely important that your running shoes can do more than just help you jog.


These shoes fit as expected – I’ve worn a size 7.5 consistently for years and that’s the size I’ve worn here. The shoe has a soft knitted upper that wraps around my foot. It is also well padded on the inside of the heel so it fits comfortably around my ankle.

Shape of the shoe

These shoes left plenty of room for my toes to spread out and wiggle freely. I think in general the Ultraboost have a moderately to roomy toe bed, and this shoe was no exception.

Also, after running in them for a month, I can tell that despite the knitted upper, they don’t stretch as expected. The shape of the shoe retains its shape and the fabric upper material still ensures a safe feeling thanks to the plastic laces cage.

Feeling of the shoe

The feeling is the reason why I run so often in Adidas Ultraboost. The midsole foam feels like it adequately absorbs the impact of every step, while the heel and forefoot are springy, propelling me forward with even more energy with every turn.

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