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Add these impact drills to your warm-up

You may not have noticed it, but there's a possibility your gym might have a wooden stick made from a 1-inch dowel lying around somewhere. This simple tool is useful for practicing the track path of large lifts and can also be used to add serious power and power. "Using a stick can improve control over large ranges of motion," said David Arnot, co-founder of the Evolve353 gym in London. "The more control you have over your large joints like shoulders and hips, the more mobility and stability you develop. Thanks to the mobility and stability of a joint, the body can generate more power.

The rod uses the mechanical leverage to overcome the body's resistance to bending. "This is a great addition to warming up after a pulse increase, so make sure your muscles and joints are warm and focus on the areas you will be working in during the session," says Arnot.

If You Are It Work overhead, do the first exercise. As you squat, focus on the holes that are aimed at the hips. "Spend at least 30 seconds on each track, as the benefits of holding are increasing," says Arnot. "If you have time, hold each movement for one to two minutes. Add this at least once a week to warm up and work up to three times.

Shoulder & # 39; Dislocations & # 39;

How Begin to hold the stick at waist height with a wide handle in front of you. Bring the stick up in a bow. Go back as far as possible, then return to the start and repeat the process.

Why "This is a moving shoulder offset to improve control over the range of motion rather than a distance," he tells Arnot. "It's great for shoulder health and for improving the position of the squat."

Side Rotation

How Keep the stick horizontally to the side, with the elbow bent about 90 ° on this side. Turn the joystick 180 ° until your upper arm is parallel to the ground.

Why "This is a great exercise to improve the position of the front rack in a front squat. You can really work on the back and shoulder muscles, which must all be on your side if you want to sit well before squats.

Lat Stretch

How Hold the stick with one hand perpendicular to the shoulder above and one hand below. Whichever hand is on the top, bend over to feel a stretch in your side.

Why "You will feel this near your hip – the quadratus lumborum, to be exact – and your lats. If you take a knee, you can stretch your psoas and diagonal stretches, especially if you push your hips forward and outward.

Hip Stretch

How Hold in a kneeling lunge position with straight arms.

Why "This is a hip flexion stretch. Adding lean gives you a weird and psoas range. It's great if you've been sitting all day, and it's also good to do lunges and squats. "

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