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ACE Fitness | 9 top fitness trends for 2019

It's time to dust off the proverbial crystal ball and anticipate what 2019 will bring to the fitness industry. (You can see how previous predictions have gone through reviewing the archives: 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.) These thoughts and observations come from a range of health and physical education professionals, executives, and thought leaders who have various sports equipment and functions Health exercise club companies. In other words, it is precisely the people who will decide how we will sweat in 2019 (and beyond).

High-intensity interval training will continue to evolve.

Based on its findings, the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will continue to have a large and dedicated following in 201

9. However, since it has been popular for a long time, there will be some variations in HIIT in particular with regard to how interval training is applied to both group and individual work. Research shows that with HIIT the intensity of the training and not the duration, which can lead to desired changes. The good news is that fitness guests are starting to understand that too much HIIT is unnecessary. As a result, short, 30-minute HIIT formats are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the fitness formats for groups will be expanded to offer a wider selection of shorter, high-intensity classes.

As Angie Anderson Gallagher, an ACE-certified Group Fitness trainer in West Des Moines, Iowa, explains, "I'm bringing HIIT into my Pilates class and my members love the shorter, more intense workouts. You really feel that you have a lot to do in a short space of time. "

Diversity is the key to long-term success.

Tricia Murphy Madden, a Seattle-based ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor and co-creator The creator of the Barre Above program believes that fusion workouts combining various modalities such as boxing and cycling or yoga and strength training continue to be popular become.

"Many consumers realize that this is doing too much The same workout is not good for the body," explains Murphy Madden. "As a result, the idea of ​​making different components of fitness in the same training becomes more and more attractive."

The group's fitness coaches will continue to change as they lead the classes.

The fitness of the group has always been popular. But for years, it was a teacher who practiced training with sweaty people by doing the training, as everyone did their best to come along. In recent years, there has been an important and significant shift towards group coaching where coaches guide and train training rather than simply asking the participants.

"Due to the continued popularity of group programs such as OrangeTheory Fitness or Barre," said Irene Lewis-McCormick, IDEA Group's 2018 Fitness Instructor and an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach from Ankeny, Iowa, "We see a shift from teacher-centered behavior in which the instructor says "follow me" to a coaching method where the instructor uses verbal, visual, and kinesthetic approaches to guide the training.

Instructor training will be removed from pre-choreographed workouts.

Another trend on the horizon is Abbie Appel, a Boca Raton, Florida-based ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor, Moderator and Programmer for Group Training, The main difference is that in pre-choreographed workouts, a teacher must impart an exact replica of a third-party-designed training, while preformatted classes provide a forest structure that allows individual trainers to create workouts specifically for them Designing Participants in Each Group Training

"Instructors always have ideas about what they should do in group training, but they also want the freedom to design and manage their own workouts," explains Appel. "Pre-formatted courses gave them the best from both worlds.

Functional training will return to the mainstream fitness area.

Several health and physical education professionals from across the country announced Functional Education as a growth area in the new year. Supported in part by the continuing popularity of obstacle racing and the development of functional training, both the group and individual training programs continue to offer a variety of non-traditional exercises with a variety of different types of equipment.

"We all have to carry heavy things in everyday life, and the gym is one of the best ways to prepare for it," says Kevin Mullins, a personal trainer and fitness writer in Washington, DC. "Because they help people to prepare How they actually use their bodies, loaded luggage is an integral part of the programs I design for both my clients and my classes. "

Aimee Nicotera, an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor from Boston, Massachusetts, agrees. "Training for an obstacle course allows people to do movements and exercises that they would normally not do during their training. This leads to power transmission and improved physical function for their everyday lives. "

More professionals use one-sided training load in their program design.

Most exercises use both limbs, either the arms or the legs, while simultaneously performing the same movement (eg standard chest press or squat). In real life, however, we always use only one arm or leg in a fixed position to create stability. By adhering to the theory that exercises that mimic a particular activity can help an individual develop better in this activity, it makes sense that unilateral exercises can help clients improve the movements they have in their body to use daily life.

The research I've read, with only one arm or one leg at a time, allows you to recruit and activate all the muscle fibers involved in the movement, "explains Amy Dixon, Director of Group Fitness Programming for Equinox. "What really surprised me is the finding that using only one limb can actually help both get stronger. In addition, the use of only one arm or leg at a time requires a higher concentration and concentration, so that participants participate more in the training. "With so many benefits, Dixon is confident that more exercise programs will be one-sided.

Fitness Consumers will actually move away from technology in 2019.

When it comes to fitness, many consumers will pass by the gym or gym because they want to break away from the ubiquitous screens. Equinox fitness manager Josh Meltzer of Carlsbad, California, says the fitness year will be intensified through meditation, float tanks, breathing exercises, and other alternative ways to create and enhance a strong body-mind connection next year

] The type of exercise equipment people use will change.

In 2019, we will continue to notice two major changes in the types of fitness equipment used for both individual and group training. Thanks to the popularity of intensive training, dumbbells, kettlebells and heavy-medicine balls are still used well in gyms and gyms. However, smaller devices such as minibands, sliders or sliders, super-tapes and foam rollers used for myofascial release are increasingly becoming "must-have" training devices.

"The use of smaller devices increases body weight movements, which require more attention as an exercise is performed, creating a strong connection between body and mind," argues Marc Coronel, a Las Vegas-based strength coach and international presenter. "By using smaller equipment, especially foam rollers, people can exercise with less intensity, which is an excellent way to recover from strenuous exercise or to do a workout without beating the entire body."

The new year is coming also likely a shift towards the use of strength training equipment. Dumbbells and other dumbbells offer many benefits, but they can be intimidating, especially for the elderly. With more and more baby boomers retiring from their careers, they will have more time to return to the gym and many will consider weight-training equipment to be a safe but highly effective method of achieving results.

"We hear from consumers They love the workouts they get with our equipment, but the latest generation of coaches have very little experience with weight training equipment," said Jeff Dilts, vice president of product development for Core Health & Fitness, the parent company from Nautilus. "We see this as an opportunity – helping fitness professionals learn how to use our devices can teach older adults how to safely use the benefits of resistance training."

A possible economic slowdown affects the health of the health and fitness industry.

It is important to learn outside of our industry to find out what can happen in other areas of our economy and how these factors can affect the fitness world. After the last recession, the United States Federal Reserve, which controls how much money is available in the economy, cut borrowing to spur growth. After years of dumping the US dollar into the economy, the Federal Reserve is in the process of reducing the amount of money by increasing the amount banks have to pay to borrow. Many economists believe that rate hikes are necessary to reduce inflation. The danger, however, is that over-accelerating interest rates could create a situation that has led to the first economic downturn in several years. The technical definition of a recession is a lower gross domestic product (GDP) for two consecutive quarters. While the US economy is far from a recession, we are close to the tenth year of relatively steady growth. And since the 1940s, the US economy has been in recession every six to seven years, which means that we are overdue for an adjustment. In the coming year, the overall economic environment could change. So it might be a good idea to start planning right now so your business can survive the potential storm.

To sum up, there is not a single decisive change in the trend, which is expected to emerge in 2019. Instead, we are likely to see continued development and growth in existing trends, many of which focus on the continued popularity of group training. "Whether in a boutique studio or a large gym, the fitness of groups is still popular as it leads to results in a fun, effective and social way," says Brandon Wagner, a Tuscon-based strength coach. Ariz and master trainer for TRX and Trigger Point. Only time will tell how accurate the predictions of our experts are, but one thing is certain: 2019 will be filled with challenging yet entertaining workouts that will continue to deliver the results that our customers and customers are looking for wish a happier and healthier life.

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