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Abel Albonetti's training for the posterior destruction

MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti comes up to you again and this time he's after you. As usual, he works hard to build serious muscle. Over 60 to 90 minutes you will be treated to very sophisticated double and triple drop sets, stretching sets and supersets. At Albonetti, you need to make minor adjustments, usually in the hand position, to make sure you hit each back muscle.

After several exercises, you may wonder if the training ever ends. That will not … but not until you lie on the floor, staring at the ceiling and wondering what size you just hit.

Think about it later. Right now, it's time to replenish your tanks with the best pre-workout you can find, to swallow your fear and get started. (It may be a good idea to have wrist wrappings and a weight belt nearby.)

Abel Albonetti's 10-Move-Back Annihilation Workout


Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown

Note: Use overhand grip

5 sets, 12 repeats (last sentence will be a duplicate set)


Bent Over Barbell Row

Note: use the overhand grip

3 sets, 10 repetitions


Bent Over Barbell Row

Note: Use underhand grip

3 sets, 10 repeats


V-bar pulldown

Note: Use a tight grip.

4 sets, 12 repetitions


Cable pull down

4 sentences, 12 repetitions (the last sentence is a double sentence)


3 sentences, 12 repetitions (the last sentence will be a double sentence)


3 sentences, 12 Repetitions (The last set includes a double drop set with interset stretch)



Straight arm pulldown

Use rope attachment

4 sets, 12 reps


Technical tips

Overhand grip with wide grip

Albonetti begins with a pulldown to warm up the lat muscles and prepare They anticipate the upcoming work.

Focus on your back muscles in this exercise. Pull your elbows down as far as you can, pause at the bottom, then head straight back up.

  Wide-pull pull-down

Use this warm-up to help your back muscles alleviate the loss of weight by 12 reps. Add a duplicate drop set in the fifth set and try to continue to make the mistake in the 12 rep range area. When you have completed your 12 reps, reduce weight by about 20 percent, do another 12 reps, reduce weight by 20 percent, and 12 again.

Barbell Row ( Overhand Grip)

The meat of Albonetti's training begins with this great compound step. It lets you use the overhand grip to improve the width of your back. Keep your back straight while you are flexing at the waist. Albonetti says he sees too many people trapping out of it.

Barbell Row ( Underhand Grip)

Albonetti likes the inverted grip because he says he attacks him at Lats more than the overhand grip. In addition, the underhand grip facilitates holding the elbows on the sides. As with the Overhand version, pull the weight all the way back and take a break before pushing it down again.

  Bent_over Barbell Row

Close-Grip V-Bar Pull-Down

The close The handle version of the pull-down helps build up the spine. Pull the elbows down as far as possible during the tee shot. Push on the ground and make a good stretch on the way up. Keep the back muscles energized throughout the exercise.


Albonetti likes to position his hands shoulder width.

"I do not like taking them too far," he says. "Just enough where I feel a lot of pressure in my lats."

You are doing 4 sets of this exercise. The third sentence adds a dropset; the fourth a double dropset. A piece of cake, right?

Dumbbell Row

Are you still on fire? Good, because now you can relax with gentle rows of dumbbells. Was just a joke. These will feel like you're trying to row a suitcase full of gold bars (which would weigh about a ton, if you ask yourself). Make sure you pull your arms back far enough. Too many people restrict the move and turn a back exercise into a series of traps. Do not go there Bend, press when you pull back, stretch forward and then pull back.

The third movement is a triple set. Maintain muscle tension throughout this time: Do not rest your muscles anywhere!

Dumbbell Pitch Series

Adjust the pitch bench for Albonetti's favorite exercise at a 45-degree angle. high enough so that the dumbbells do not touch the ground during stretching. To do the interset stretch of the last set, you will fail for about 12 repetitions. Keep the dumbbells tight and let your arms hang for 30 seconds. Lower the weight by about 20 percent, do another 8-10 reps, and stretch again for 30 seconds. Drop the weight another 20 percent, make as many rows as possible, hang your arms while holding the weights, and then you're done.

  Dumbbell Incline Row

Superset: Seated Cable Row and Straight Arm Cable Down

After all the work you have done to date, you do not need to use extremely heavy weight here. However, this exercise is not so much about weight as it is about building the connection between mind and muscle and the entire range of motion of each repetition.

When Albonetti performs these series, he likes to use a tight grip. Go all the way forward, stretch and pull your elbows back as far as you can.

For the push-downs, grab the rope, bend slightly forward, and push down the back as you go down, bringing your elbows down as far as possible. Imagine trying to pull the rope apart as you approach the bottom of the movement. Feeling. The. Burn.

Barbell Rack Pull

This is the last exercise of the training, so you can be pretty heavy. Just be careful not to hurt your lower back. Consider using a weight belt for extra protection.

While dragging, hold your movement and adjust the weight each time. This will prevent you from lifting the pole with a sweep for the next repetition. You will also find that Albonetti uses wrist straps. He recommends it for all elevations where your wrists may yield in front of your back muscles.

Are you ready to pull this baby out every week to find a straight path to a superhero? Not so fast. This training is a killer so limit yourself to about once a month. Meanwhile, check out some other Abel Albonetti workouts:

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