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A woman explains why weight gain is an important part of her fitness journey

In a world where weight loss is usually the ultimate goal, landing a few miles can often be a source of disappointment and anxiety – not true for influencer Anelsa, who recently talked about her weight gain Heart hugging. [19659002] "One of my followers asked me if I liked the weight I am now or the weight I was before, and was asked a question," she recently wrote on Instagram next to three photos of her. (See also: 11 women who have gained weight and are healthier than ever)

In each photo, Anelsa seems to have a different weight. While most photos are about physical transformation, Ansel's post explores her mental shift. In the caption she revealed how she found value on every part of her journey. "I really love my body the way it was before and how it is right now because I could understand my body in all its different stages and phases," she wrote. "It also allowed me to educate and renew myself at every stage of my journey."

This journey has taken Anelsa to her present location – perhaps a few pounds heavier, but much more in harmony with her body and mind. "If I choose one, I love my body now, because the journey that leads to my gaining weight has taught me a great deal about myself," she wrote. "It allowed me to focus on my body, just one aspect of it, my outward appearance, it also allowed me to be vulnerable, to share transparency with others, and to resonate on a deeper level with women, as well I saw them gain weight as a fight and a defeat. "(See also: More women try to gain weight through diet and exercise)

That does not mean the way was easy. "Do not get me wrong, I experienced the same defeat at the end, but I made the conscious decision not to be defeated, but not everyone can find the courage," she wrote.

By being honest with her Anelsa has changed bodies and found a community of women who have undergone the same exact anxiety, struggle and defeat as weight gain, but have decided to learn from themselves to move forward and continue to strive for the best version of itself. "This [is] why I changed my exercise style to show you that fitness is attainable at all," she wrote. "Although sometimes I just go to the gym for human socialization and to use equipment that I do not have at my house, you do not need expensive gym membership to be on a daily basis and develop your best self."

Anelsa post is a great reminder that not every fitness trip is the same or linear. There are ups and downs, but the desire to grow from those experiences makes the difference.

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