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A tip to transform your bank

There are two things that nearly every lifter in the weight room is interested in: growing the breast and enlarging the bench. If you concentrate on one, you can fortunately improve the other.

Although power is usually a higher priority for powerlifters, bodybuilders can also benefit from focusing on strength, as heavy weight can lead to growth. This breast forming tip is a technique that Powerlifter use to increase strength, but the ability to give the breast more strength and mass is exactly the reason why you should add it to your routine videos on lifters from YouTube, add the chains to a bar that already has a lot of weight? It does not just look cool or hardcore, these chains offer a big advantage. They help you to improve your strength, especially if you have to work at this break in your bank.

How It Works

Chains are a unique form of resistance and a great way to add intensity to your bank. If you pull the chains over the ends of the dumbbell, some of the links are still on the ground and therefore do not stress the pole. When you push up, these connections lift off the ground and connect to the rest of the weight you push. As you lower the bar, the chain links will jam on the ground and the weight will become lighter again.

  A tip on how to transform your bench press

What does that mean for your bank? Let's say you have 135 pounds at the bar and 40 pounds of chains. That's a total of 175 pounds. If you lower the bar, you may only have about 150 pounds in your hand. This is important because the chest, shoulder and rotator cuffs are in a compromising position at the bottom of the bench and less resistance at the bottom means less risk of injury.

If you push yourself back up, that weight increases until you have the full 175 pounds at the top. This means that your muscles must adapt to the increase in resistance throughout the movement to complete the repetition. This extra challenge makes it so effective.

Why It Works

This change in resistance does not just affect your strength. The muscle fibers react differently because the weight of the fibers in the extended position is less than the weight you have when you contract these fibers when pressing them. These pecs will become denser and thicker through this technique, and your strength will also improve.


First, you should determine what the chains weigh. Put them on the scales to let you know what you will be working with. You do not want to use arbitrary chains and they will be heavier than you thought.

Do not just wrap the chains around the bar and think you're good. There is a calculated way to apply these chains if you want to get the most benefit. You want the chain to lift completely off the ground when the pole is at the top of the lift, and you want as much chain as possible on the ground when the pole is on the chest.

  How to Transform Your Bench Press

You can use a pull-in chain on the pole and wrap your heavier chains on it. There are also certain straps or collars that you can attach to the pole to add chains.

Getting Started

If you have never done this, work only with the rod and the chains until you & # 39; Feel better at feeling what it feels like. When you start adding weight, do not use more than 60 percent of your maximum value (1RM), which should include the chain weight. For example, if your 1RM is 300 pounds and you use 40 pounds of chains, you only need 140 pounds on the bar for this type of workout to be effective.

If you're a powerlifter preparing for the competition You might have double or triple weights, but I do not recommend this to you when you're new to chain training. If you just want to increase your size and increase the size of the breast, perform 3 sets of 8 reps that start at 60 percent of your 1RM. Then either bank without chains or continue with another exercise.

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