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A tip to maximize your range of dumbbells

Most of you who read this have made the one-arm dumbbell row, and you know how effective it is to build a big, wide back.

How do you position your body for this exercise? Have you used a shallow bench and focused on keeping your upper body parallel to the ground to hit your lower lats? Or did you lean against something higher to hit the upper lats and back?

Both possibilities work; I do not advocate rapprochement with the other. Instead, I'd like to show you how to get the most out of both worlds.

The answer is an adjustable bank.

Yes, that was it's. Simple, right? If you have an adjustable bank in the one-armed row, you have the option to run a superset and a dropset at the same time. The result is a complete impact of the upper back.


Start positioning the adjustable bench at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees, depending on your preferences. Start with your weaker arm and row by pulling the dumbbell straight up. Focus not only on your lats, but also on the rest of the upper back, including the rhomboids, rear tiller and traps. Do 8 to 1

0 repetitions this way.

  A tip to maximize your weight range

This is where the drop comes into play: lower the angle of the bench so that it is flat. This is the second part of your one arm superset. Get back in position and continue to rip, this time by pulling the weight diagonally to the hip. This moves the focus towards the middle back and bottom lat. Perform the same number of repetitions as in the gradient.

Now you do the same for the other side. Lift the corner of the bench and change arms. Do the same number of repetitions as on the first page. When you're done here, you can finally take your break.

In the next sentence, start with the bank flat and set it to the second level. This means that the lower lats get attention at the beginning of the set. Still start with your weaker side.

One more Twist

There is another way to do this and see tremendous benefits in your back. You can do repetitions with both sides on the slope, reduce the angle, and then do the repeats on both sides with the flat bench. You may find that you can do a few more repetitions per page because you have this short break while the other side is working. Next, start with the bench flat, do repetitions on both sides, then adjust the angle before continuing!

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