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A single man shares the possibilities of being happy without relationship

Thanks to the romance of books, films and TV shows that pervade your culture, you are forgiven the idea that life is not worth living in when you're not in a relationship – but that just is not true. In a thread about Reddit, individual men have shared how they become happy and enjoy life when they do not go out together.

Several men quickly pointed to the value of Platonic relationships, which are often considered secondary to family and romantic relationships. "People are quickly ignoring the value of friendships and community," one guy said. "Most of the time when you make a life decision (job, place of residence, marriage), the idea of ​​what happens to your friendships fades into the background or is not considered at all, but I think this is one of the biggest factors For a happy and healthy life, whether you're celebrating victories or living through hard times, both experiences will be enhanced by a supportive community in your area. " "At some point, you have to realize that your self-esteem and self-esteem do not depend on a relationship or on someone else, but on you," he said.

Others said they found it incredibly liberating. Close peace with the fact that a relationship simply is out of the question for them. "I have not met anyone at this time for about eleven years and I really like my life," said a guy. "I have a few close friends around, with whom I can meet and get a beer or something, so that other people's company is there, and I enjoy vacationing on my own (I've recently been to one gone to Rome for a few days)), and I think I can easily spend time with myself. "

" It was helpful for me to realize that I actually have a relationship with myself and my definition of relationships over myself "And even beyond Platonic friendships," adviser columnist John Paul Brammer wrote recently in response to a letter from someone who was chronically single. "It's a great thing to take some time to get involved to work for themselves and to work with themselves. Try to bring yourself to a place where you feel open to a relationship, but not empty for one. If you think a relationship in terms of what you do not have makes you more susceptible to accepting one, just to be in what is not a good reason. In the meantime, you can maintain your non-romantic relationships. "

] It's easy to fall into an internal narrative that states that the time we spend alone is only a sample, that our" real "life will begin as soon as we meet that special person. But the truth is that this is not guaranteed … An amazing partner could be just around the corner for you but nobody should live his life waiting, you deserve to enjoy your life as well Have life as if you were with somebody.

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