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A Rocky and Drago rematch almost took place in Creed II

Spoiler Alert If you have not seen Creed II certain plot details will be discussed.

The Creed II led by Micheal B. Jordan was already packed with three full fights, but apparently a fourth fight was left on the tailoring floor. According to Sylvester Stallone, the extra fight between him and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) was due to take place at the hospital after Drago Jr. (Florian Munteanu) defeated Creed. Drago, his father and the coach wanted to add insults, and of course Rocky did not allow it. In the following clip he goes closer to the possibility.

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[196590109] This was an early test for a short fight ROCKY had with DRAGO in CREED 2. It took place in the hospital shortly after Adonis was badly beaten by Drago's son … Adonis is in great pain and tells me to go … Drago And the promoter shows up with a film crew! They intended to go upstairs to harass the defeated fighter, but ROCKY stops them !!! It would have been extraordinary! But unfortunately it has been cut … Pity … # rockybalboa1976

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The scene was finally cut by director Steven Cable Jr., who replaced Ryan Coogler, the director of the first Creed . This decision might have come from Cable Jr., who wanted to focus more on Creed, a bad scene, or simply to save time for a movie that's already 130 minutes long.

As a viewer who has seen the movie a few times, I think it is going well without the extra fight scene. If the scene had taken place, it is already a huge reason for Creed and the public in general, so it could have been too much drama within a short time. As a Rocky fan, though, it would be nice to see what Rocky and Drago still had in the tank.

The film grossed more than $ 200 million worldwide, so the fans were not too upset Rocky Fighting But do not worry, because we'll see Sly coming in Rambo 5 .


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