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A powerlifter shares how exercising helps him stay sober

When Kyle Sullivan was 18, he won $ 51,000 on the game show Obliteration. “After that there was non-stop celebrating, celebrating, celebrating,” he says. “I didn’t work because I won all the money so it was just waking up and figuring out where we’d go drinking and partying … What came with that rebellious mindset was that I wanted to try things that were off-limits I did a lot of drugs in LA. “

Talk to web series Brand new meKyle explains how leaving Los Angeles helped him quit drug use, but that his problems went deeper than he first realized. “Moving has helped with some addictions, but also others,”

; he says. “I figured to myself, because I stopped doing hard drugs and then the drinking was perfectly fine … As people mature and focus on other life goals, I still wanted to darken myself.”

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“Since I always wanted to drink, I had to hide my drinking. My girlfriend called and asked where I was and I kept lying to her to protect my drinking. That’s what you do as an alcoholic; the drink is the most important thing in yours Life. “

After years of finding increasingly inventive ways to hide his drinking and at least one breakup with girlfriend Jennaca, Kyle eventually admitted he had a problem. “I knew I had never admitted to myself that I was an alcoholic, and the only way to truly realize the fact that I am an alcoholic is to admit it to everyone.”

A critical step in changing his life, according to Kyle, was working on his personal fitness. “I always knew I wanted to be bigger and stronger,” he says. “As I began to progress and gain size and strength, I kept wanting to see how far I could go beyond that strength limit, and then I discovered powerlifting.”

In the end, he signed up for a powerlifting meeting and won his first competition. After that, he went further and powerlifting has become an integral part of his lifestyle. “Having that kind of structure and reward system, getting stronger and looking better is a really amazing, grounding force that I think is a huge part of my sobriety,” he says.

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Kyle has been sober for four years now, making videos of his experiences of sobriety in the hopes that they will help others who are going through their own struggles with alcoholism. “Of course I’m a different person now,” he says, “but I think that was a different life.”

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