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A man jumped into a frozen reservoir to rescue two drowning dogs

If you need to restore your belief in humanity, let's take a few shots of a man rescuing two dogs from drowning in a frozen reservoir.

New York Timofey Yuriev and his English Golden Retriever walked along the Yonkers Reservoir when he saw the two dogs that fell through the ice. He immediately tore off his shirt, jumped into the icy water and swam to their aid. Yuriev walked up to them and broke a path through the ice so they could paddle doggy with him to get to safety.

A passer-by caught the camera in front of the camera:

"At first I heard the screaming, the woman screaming for her dogs," Yuriev Yuriev told NBC New York. "I told them I saw [the dogs] and me The rescuer might come in ten or fifteen minutes The dogs could have hypothermia."

After they had fallen through the ice, the dogs were paddled in place, but he was visibly tired He decided to act and jumped into the water ̵

1; followed by his own bitch Kira, who wanted to help: "She loves cold water, that gives her a lot of energy!"

Yuriev prepared for the icy swimming deep breathing. "I lived in Siberia," he said, explaining how he could soak in such cold water. "My grandfather, a hunter, taught me how to keep cold and how to prepare.

He advises, however, that swimming in cold temperatures can be incredibly dangerous and wading into a frozen lake is a decision that should be taken lightly: "If you are not sure, ask e in others, because you could do more harm than good, "he said.

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