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A Littlefinger fan theory that could change the reputation of Game of Thrones

If you're something like us, you're either starting an epic game Game of Thrones before the last season in April (or are already in the middle). [19659003] A recent fan theory is involved in the Little finger is completely change your perspective, and can make if they destroy some big surprises in the last season, we need you with a massive POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING to meet. ,

(Is it a spoiler if it is speculative?)

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<p class= This is because Littlefinger the true hero of game of Thrones and he is the one I will finish the winner at the end. (Assuming there is a "winner" at the end.) Let's explain.

Littlefinger is dead, yes, too little time for Bran to save space and save him (unlikely, since Bran was probably the one to hand over the information that led to his death – which is alluded to with this "chaos is a ladder" in the fourth episode of season seven), how can he be in season eight? what if he is [19459] 003] not dead?

In Season 7, Episode 4, "The Spoils Of War", Littlefinger realizes that Bran is upon him comes along – with the dagger as a trigger Littlefinger receives the "Chaos is a ladder" reference. Bran knows that Littlefinger sent the assassin to kill him (even if the show has not revealed it yet), and Littlefinger knows he's in mortal danger.

You can see his reaction as Meera enters the room – he keeps her eyes on her as he believes he will be killed there and then. He is clearly relieved when he is not.

The next episode shows Littlefinger talking to a young girl who whispers to him: "Your time is up." Then he gives her something, something that looks like an iron coin, that is, the currency of the Faceless Men.

In fact, Littlefinger is constantly referred to as the "master of the coin" – which would be a delicious irony if this theory turns out to be true Last time we should see the true Littlefinger, and from that time he was replaced by a Faceless Man .


One repetition makes sense: Littlefinger seems to be off after the fifth episode, as if he were not quite himself. Baelish always has control and calculation – even if he is about to die. For some reason, that changes at the end of the seventh season.

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He does not beg for his life if Ned strangled him in the first season, try to negotiate if Cersei orders to their men, in the second season slashing her throat, and – ambitiously – when Sansa threatens to order Brienne to shut him down in Season Six, and says calmly: If you want that, I'll do it, whatever you ask, what's in my power, I'll do that. "[Sansareplies"WhatifIwantyoutodiehereandnow?"Littlefinger:"ThenI'mgoingtodie"

Sansa wants him to want it in season seven and so he – or at least someone who looks like him – begs for his life the way he does. The last word on his "lips"? Sansa.

But why should a faceless person be there? Man replaces him, knowing that they will be killed? "Only death makes life" – a phrase that Faceless Supremo Jaqen H'ghar says in the show. Dying is part of the deal for the Faceless Men, as Littlefinger knows. 19659004] Littlefinger's great-grandfather came from Braavos, home of the Faceless Men. The scene in the seventh season, after which Sansa asks him if he has heard of the Faceless Men, and he says, "Just by reputation" feels a little bit insincere – especially after Sansa says "they are murderers", and he smiles a little as if he knows something she does not know.

Littlefinger shares many qualities with the Faceless Men. He has Braavosi blood, he is a "nobody" (in the early seasons there is constant debate about how he has built up from nothing, even his own sigil – the mockingbird, a bird that has the ability to do other bird songs and Imitate sounds nearby) They can make listeners believe they are the authors. very much like a Faceless Man!), and he likes to play and discuss, much like Jaqen H'ghar.

Oh, and an association with the faceless men would explain that the Irish accent that actor Aidan Gillen occasionally threw in is strange.

[asset removed due to syndication rights]

The Of Geek Gillen asked for the seventh final of the season 7 after his changing accent and he had this to say: "He is a player who he pretends constantly other Having things, so you know, it just is not defined, and yes, it has changed with him, I've done it on purpose, but it's not radical, he's doing things, and I'm doing things with the wrong people, the other characters or the public even and it's part of my job so yeah, I do not have much more to say than that. "

Hmm, the wrong audience is part of Gillen's job, right? But why? There was no big turn for having to lead people away from his accent, was it? Maybe it will come later …

"He definitely plays the Game Of Thrones, to which end only Littlefinger knows."

Showrunner Dan Weiss said of Gillen, "There's something impenetrable about everything he does, it's like you're always pulling the skin off and the masks have no end." Wait, what? You mean … like a faceless man?

According to George RR Martin: "Littlefinger is the player in the shadows, he (Pause) definitely plays the Game of Thrones, for what purpose only Littlefinger knows, but he moves the characters around, he manipulates events, he thrives. " in chaos, because in chaos there is the possibility of ascension, and thus he creates chaos while pretending to be everyone's friend. Always helpful, always smiling, always joking, he is very, very charming. "

  Cersei and Littlefinger in & # 39; Game of Thrones


One of the reasons why George" only Littlefinger "says is that we are never advised a reader in Little Fingers head. He's the only main character without a chapter on the perspective in the books, what if George did that for the end of the last book, where we finally find out what Littlefinger was thinking all along?

"I think many fans will be disappointed and many fans will be overjoyed. I think it will be really interesting to see people's reactions, "Sophie Turner said of the end of the show.

As someone who suffered most from Littlefinger's machinations, Sansa would probably be empathetic, like repellent Littlefingers Victory – he used them the most during his game.

And the theory does indeed make many parts coincide, every confusing moment (why did Littlefinger hand Sansa over to Ramsay Snow if he was in love with her?) Any weird scene (Why do we have this monologue about sex positions so early in the show?), Any inconsistency (why?) he begs and asks for his life, when he never seemed to be afraid of death?) … Everything makes sense, if that theory is true.

We'll find out who actually ends up on the Iron Throne when the eighth season is finished – assuming there is still a throne – but we're ready to go to set a good coin that it will be Petyr Baelish. Finally, as George RR Martin says, "The protagonist does not have to be sympathetic or moral or a good person, he just has to be interesting."

And if there is a word we would use Describe this theory, it would be interesting.

Consider this during your epic rerun: If Littlefinger really is the hero of the series, does Game of Thrones make more or less sense? Considering that he was involved in every major event in the series, we would bet it was the first one.

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