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A grooming professional’s tips on how to style long hair without washing it

As anyone who could attest to their hair being fully grown during quarantine, longer hair requires more time and effort to wash and style. In a recently released video, YouTuber Greg Berzinsky explained how he washes his hair only once a week, then demonstrated how he styles it for seven consecutive days.

Berzinsky starts with sparkling clean hair on the first day. After he’s washed, conditioned, and worn out, the humidity typical of his Philadelphia homeland makes it look straighter than usual. “One of the problems with this weather is that it̵

7;s dry, so I tend to have a few outliers,” he says.


He adds that day 3 tends to notice a bit of oiliness in his scalp, just from touching it if not seeing. He corrects this by applying a sea salt spray and combing it through his hair to give it a smoother look, then leaving it down. “The sea salt spray can also fight oil buildup in your hair,” he says. “It has particles in it, and those particles can actually increase oil build-up, so I’m more likely to use this spray when I go for extended periods of time without washing my hair.”

On the 5th day, his hair feels significantly more oily. “It’s stringy and most evident in the vertebrae, back, and crown,” he says. “I feel downright trashy.” However, the lower lengths of hair still look great. “This is one of the reasons I focus on shampooing my scalp and conditioning the ends,” he explains. “In reality, the bottom of my hair doesn’t get as dirty as the top and scalp.”

Berzinsky’s best styling tip for covering an oily scalp is to pull long hair up in a bun and tie it over the oily part of the hair (the crown). “When I do that, I’m not looking for perfection,” he says. “If you pull it back and pull it back, it looks like Steven Seagal in the eighties … wearing it loosely is generally a better idea.”

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In general, he recommends that people with short hair wash their hair every other day and people with long hair every fourth day. However, if it’s been a few days and you just don’t have the time to wash and dry your hair, Berzinsky also recommends using dry shampoo as a quick fix to freshen it up and make it less greasy: “They basically are Taken talc and powder and the like will absorb the oils in the hair. “

Ultimately, he admits that figuring out the correct frequency of washing and conditioning long hair will be different and unique for everyone. “Some of the reasons your hair produces oil are related to activity, climate, and ethnicity,” he says. “Many factors play a role.”

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