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A body trainer explains how he got a six pack in a month

In a YouTube video responding to a question about the steps it takes to achieve visibly defined abs (within just a month), bodybuilder and trainer Paul Revelia gave some advice on its own Experiences were based starting with a couple recommending the easy purchase: a food scale and tracking app.

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As we all know by now, abs are made in the kitchen, and tracking food intake is as important as exercising for anyone serious about wanting to work their abs into a six-pack. “I’m not suggesting that you weigh everything for the rest of your life, just understand what you’re getting,” he says. “We have a tendency to repeat meals, and once you have a eating pattern you can start tracking. Without plugging in, all you know is what’s in your breakfast, what’s in your lunch, what’s in your dinner. And you can do this process without being too grainy. “

In addition to cardio and other exercises, Revelia recommends direct abdominal work. “My favorite exercises to really develop myself are rejection sit-ups,” he says. “And I don’t do a lot of them, I don’t do hundreds of reps … Between 10 and 20 reps, and I do several sets of them, then I do some hanging leg raises and then I usually do some kind of planking or something to turn on my core stability. And another variation that I really like is a hanging cable crunch. “

When preparing for a competition, Revelia did this training two or three times a week. “Increasing the hypertrophy of these muscles as you get leaner can often help bring out the details that you’re looking for,” he says.

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In order to lose body fat and achieve that definition, Revelia says it will be necessary to include a calorie deficit in your diet and have a few calorie-restricted days as well as extra cardio towards the end of the month-long process. “I would suggest a steady state, low intensity,” he says. “It’ll break down fat for fuel, while doing something like high-intensity sprinting, HIIT intervals, your body will be using glycogen for fuel.”

Ultimately, however, none of this matters, Revelia concludes, “unless you are responsible for your diet and your heart.”

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