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9 Ways Gratitude Can Make You Luckier, Fitter, and Rich

Your parents have taught you to pay attention to your manners. You write thank-you notes and tip your barista. But there's more to it than being grateful than going through the movements. According to numerous studies, true gratitude is a powerful force that can improve relationships, increase happiness, and even boost immunity. Deep inside, most of us know that this is true. But we still have trouble taking time out of our busy lives to actually stop, think, and thank for what matters most. The good news is that efforts to be grateful are easier than expected and much more effective than you might imagine.

Why Be Thankful

Spend just a few minutes every day thinking about what you are grateful for, and we can guarantee you a snowball effect that has physical, psychological and social benefits , Here's the catch: be grateful all year round ̵

1; not just Thanksgiving.

A study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research confirmed that those who had a grateful outlook, got better quality, slept longer, and needed less time to fall asleep than their less grateful counterparts. Even more impressively, people who often focused on grateful thoughts performed 1.5 hours more a week compared to people who focused on the issues in their lives, according to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , In addition, at least eight studies have shown that people who show gratitude show fewer symptoms of depression.

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A thankful state of mind can help you win big in business too. A study conducted at Harvard Business School found that participants who were encouraged to think of a time when they were thankful, compared to people who were encouraged to think something happy or neutral, acted less impulsively. Gratitude increases our level of patience, researchers suggested.

"Feeling the gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it," American writer William Arthur Ward once said. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are nine easy ways to cultivate gratitude every other day of the year.

10 Simple Ways to Be Thankful

Bust Your Old Diary

Studies show that people who make weekly thank-you journal entries feel better about their lives and more optimistic about the Future. Not to break the pen and the paper? Try an app. We like Five Minute Journal, which prompts you to write down three things that you're grateful for, three things that would make the day fantastic, and three affirmations (eg, "I'm confident," "I'm nice") every day [19659003] Write a letter to someone who has left a trail

Do you remember this teacher or professor who helped you to explore your passions? Or the coach who gave you the confidence to win this game? Grab some stationary and write a handwritten thank you. According to Martin Seligman, an internationally renowned psychologist and author of Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing take advantage of the pleasant memories of positive events and people in your life. In addition, your recipient will be very happy about your beautiful memories of them. If you want to make a thank-you letter a weekly habit, the Gramr.us Gratitude Subscription Service will send you enough paper and envelopes to write four grades a month.

Appreciate the Banal

Once you get into a routine home, you might start to take your partner or roommate for granted. It's easy to overlook daily tasks. But small acts of kindness (like when a roommate cleans the fridge without being asked) make daily life easier. In a study published in Personal Relationships everyday gratitude for these everyday actions helped to significantly improve and even strengthen relationships with others. Bonus: The effects were not just immediate – they lasted for days.

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Bring Gratitude to the Office Crawls

Even your sometimes grumpy boss might need some appreciation. One study showed that when strong, insecure people received gratitude from subordinates, they showed less aggressive behavior. The corner office is getting lonely, so show them some love and you might be better treated in the future.

Somebody compliments

There is nothing better than being on the receiving end of real praise – so why not spend another's day? Tell someone, he or she looks great, did a great job, or did a workout. You will feel like a million dollars – quite literally. Getting a complement lights up the same areas of the brain that are activated when you get cold hard cash, suggests studies. This brain region controls memory and learning, and the researchers believe that compliments can still help us days after praise.

Thank You Behind the Scenes

From waiters and baristas to taxi drivers and cleaning ladies to women, there are many people who help your life run smoothly. If someone has provided you with a service, take a minute to ask his name and let him know that you would not be able to function without that cup of coffee or drive home. According to recent research, thanks to new acquaintances can ensure that they will be free in the future.

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credit due

Just finished a big cooperation project at work? Be the one who publicly steals the horns of everyone else. Knowing how each person contributed to the group's success creates a sense of community and can motivate people to host their A-game the next time, suggesting research findings from psychologists in Japan. Not the guy to scream your appreciation from the rooftops? Write a Note to the Manager of a Company to Report Excellent Service

Make It a Public Issue

Social media publication or participation in an online gratitude project can help you share your grateful feelings. According to data scientists on Facebook, emotions in the social network are contagious. Post a thankful status update and your friends could feel more positive. Do not you want to bombard your personal newsfeed every day? In The Gratitude Jar, read why other people around the world are grateful and add your own positive thoughts to the "glass".

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Gratitude Before the Gossip

Meet up with friends over a few beers? Rather than ranting about a bad roommate, a demanding boss or a strange date, start by sharing the positive highlights of your life. It's important to discuss difficulties, but sharing the good stuff with your friends can help you feel happier and even help you cope with the really bad things.

Gratitude does not mean that life is perfect, writes Robert Emmons Why Gratitude Is Good . Rather, it's about recognizing happiness when we look at our lives as a whole.

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