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9 tips to take your transformation to the next level

If you've read some of our featured transformations, you know that no two trips look the same. The time you spend, the food you eat, the workouts you perform – there are a billion ways to get the results you want in the mirror. Nevertheless, they do not say in vain "Start with the basics".

Optimum Nutrition-sponsored athletes Lony Pizarro, Whitney Wiser and Tobias Young have gone through all the transformations and made it their mission to help others with transformations. Also.

Here are their practical tips for breaking out of your physical and mental comfort zones – for a killer transformation.

Lony Pizarro, Fitness Model, WBFF, and NGA Pro Bodybuilder

Tip 1
: Know exactly what you're aiming for

If you do not have a fixed goal, you're wasting your time. You also have to be very specific with your goal. The more specific you are, the greater your chance of reaching your ideal body. Ask yourself, "Why do I want to reach that body?" If your answers are not strong enough, you will never succeed, and even if you do, the result will not be so rewarding. Make sure they really are what you want and worth every effort.

Tip 2: Be ready to do whatever is required.

Otherwise, you can stop as soon as it gets difficult. They will stop and make excuses. Life will confront you with many curveballs on this journey, and you must be ready to circumvent them or use them in your favor. I remember eating 10 meals a day trying to grow up and do intensive cardio sessions cutting. Well, I do not advise you to do this because your goals may be different from mine, but I think you need to have that attitude if you want to be successful.

  Be ready to do anything that is necessary, says Lony Pizarro

] Tip # 3: Invest in Your Transformation

The transformation of your body can be a very long and hard way or a short and hard way because the human body is complex and every detail is important. The knowledge and guidance of an experienced, credible trainer can help you avoid years of trial and error. If your diet is difficult, companies that prepare meals can make your transformation as well as your life 1000 times easier. You do not have to eat eight hours on Sunday to prepare the week, and you do not have to spend more time and energy to go to the store. Real food is the key that changes your body. However, I am also a big fan of scientifically supported nutritional supplements. I take and recommend Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre, ON Pro BCAA, ON Pro Complex Protein and also take Glutamine, Creatine and HMB, all from Optimum Nutrition.

Whitney Wiser, competitor of IFBB Pro Olympia

Tip 1: Do not expect perfection from yourself.

Sometimes we are so fixated on the plan that we get discouraged by a mistake or an imperfect day and insert the towel completely. For example, if you continue to eat too much after a small mistake in your diet, it means you get a flat tire and then slit the other three just because one is already messed up. Both make no sense. Changes occur over a period in which good decisions are made consistently – they are not perfect.

Tip # 2: Have Realistic Expectations

If you have unrealistic expectations, you'll be discouraged very quickly if you do not meet them. The best way to accomplish your big goals is to set a series of small, achievable goals along the way. It will encourage and motivate you by focusing on what you have achieved instead of what you have not achieved yet.

  If you have unrealistic expectations, you will quickly become discouraged if you do not meet them.

Tip 3: Believing in oneself

The dominant factor in people who succeed is that they believe they can do it. If you speak negatively to yourself – "I will never lose weight" – "I hate how I look" – "I can not do anything right" – how can you expect you to feel better? If you would not tell someone else, do not say it. Instead, say something positive like, "I may not be where I want to be, but I'll get there no matter how long it takes."

Tobias Young, Online Trainer

Tip 1 : Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint

If you've reached a certain fitness level, you want to keep it that way. So learn the healthy habits that lead to a true lifestyle change, not just a quick change. Pound weight loss. Too often, I have seen people who have made crazy diets that promise extreme weight loss in a short time. First of all, they are usually very restrictive. When the person returns to their normal eating habits, they regain their full weight – sometimes even more. Extreme diets can break down muscle and damage the metabolism, leading to weight gain that leads to frustration and finding another quick fix that will continue the vicious circle.

  According to Tobias Young fitness is a marathon and not a sprint.

] Tip 2: When it comes to nutrition, start with the basics

  • Try to eat lean protein with each meal. Food is number one, but supplement it with a protein shake when you need it.
  • Eat most of your carbohydrates before and after exercise when trying to rest.
  • Avoid eating too many simple carbohydrates all day long and try to get complex carbohydrates as the main source. Post-workout can be an exception.
  • Add vegetables to your meal as a bulking agent for more nutrients and fiber.
  • Try to get half of your body weight in ounces of water a day (185 pounds = 92.5 ounces). Even a slight dehydration can affect performance.
  • Do not eliminate all your dietary fats. Good fats, primarily unsaturated, play a major role in all areas, from nutrient intake, metabolism and energy to healthy-looking hair, skin and nails.

Tip 3: Stuck? Ask for Help

Bodybuilding.com has tons of great articles and videos to help you out. Or you can hire a fitness trainer or personal trainer. The bottom line is there are resources to help you succeed. Use them and invest in your transformation.

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