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9 recipes for a stress-free morning feed

It is common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Friends and family can also be an important part of your morning routine.

However, if the cloudy, brush-haired and ragged version of you that pulls gravity out of bed is host, company is the last thing you expect to do. You'd rather spend a few extra hours under the covers without clothes.

Sometimes the residue from last night's party found a cozy corner where they could pass out. Or the family comes to stay and never seems to leave.

In either case, you may need to feed a large group of people at the same time if you attach your pants properly or find them in the first place. This is a real feat.

If you have to feed what feels like the whole world at once, just don't cut omelets, smoothies, or any of your other individual servings for breakfast. These breakfast recipes make every gathering that you hold easier.

You can even open some of these dishes the night before so they are ready when everyone turns up hungry.

If you consider yourself a culinary Santa, just instead of being active one day a year, you'll be put into action whenever Aunt Brenda gives birth to her seven idiotic children.

Whether you want to do something sweet, savory or somewhere in between we have your back, your home. This is how you have breakfast for several bellies at the same time.

Grab your ingredients. Chop them. Throw them in a bowl and then in the oven. Very little room for error and guaranteed taste for the masses. What could possibly go wrong?

. Mexican breakfast casserole

It is difficult to hate Mexican food. The taste is a crowd puller, and this recipe basically turns your Chipotle order into a full breakfast. If someone complains, they can sit in the garden shed and think about what they did.

Black beans, peppers, avocado and salsa are used in this casserole. You can then use eggs to tie everything together and make a hearty breakfast from an unsuspecting collection of vegetables.

It serves six, but you could easily make another batch if you feel that your Abuela has literally convicted anyone she has ever met in her life.

2. Sweet potato, sausage and kale casserole

We know, we know. Kale first thing in the morning is intense. How can you handle so much excitement so early? Phew. Kale, you cheeky devil.

Any group of fitness fans who settle down after an overnight stay would get a lot out of this breakfast bonanza. It's a great option for those on a paleo diet – just leave the cheese aside.

Otherwise, this super-healthy breakfast casserole will please just about any aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandma who can make your life difficult. And they'll all comment on how good you look these days.

(It's because of the kale. You will thank us honestly.)

It is made from sweet potatoes, mushrooms, turkey sausage and kale. plus sticky mozzarella for non-paleo people. You should bring this overzealous kale back to earth.

3. Cheesy breakfast casserole

Ooooh, boy. This is a beast.

While it's a bit heavier, this smorgasbord of morning loveliness will fill your guests to the brim. And a full guest is much less controversial if you ask him to go.

You can throw this together with eggs, hash browns, sausage, cheese and onions, and it takes about 30 minutes to cook in the oven. Simple, effective, lots of cheese. No one will fight you in this case.

If you've planned a day in very, very loose jogging pants, this is just the ticket.

Sometimes you just want a sweeter, more fruity, and, let's say, chocolaty approach to breakfast. Here are some options to care for 150 cute teeth at once.

4. Slow Cooker Banana Overnight Oats

A slow cooker is all you need to make oatmeal a simple crowd-puller. It's time for your own "breakfast club" with Oatmealio YEStevez.

With bananas, cinnamon and vanilla, this cozy meal reminds you of banana bread. However, the effort will not remind you of banana bread. It will remind you to put a few ingredients in a slow cooker and leave them there overnight. Which is a lot easier.

You can also add chocolate chips, nuts or peanut butter or set up a topping station where everyone can adjust their shells.

After putting together such a treat, your friends will appear in your front yard forever, swing a boom box, and announce their eternal love in the John Cusack style.

Aaaund that's enough pop culture of the 80s for today.

5. Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes

Pancakes for tin pans are a kind of game changer, we have to say.

You take all of that annoying flipping out of the equation, and you won't end up with a few burned and a few perfectly golden to share among hungry guests. Leaf happens.

Are they technically pancakes if they are not made in a pan? Well, Chad, you don't get an opinion because you threw up in three of my hats last night. And nobody likes a pedant. Eat my tin pancakes and like them.

These chocolate pumpkin pies are also vegan. This is a clear plus for all non-milk lovers.

6. Cinnamon Monkey Bread

This combines two of our favorite things in the world: monkeys and bread. It's the best combination since chimpanzees and segways. (No monkeys were hurt in the making of this dish.)

This version manages to make the sweet bread a little healthier by using wholemeal flour, but don't let that put you off – it still tastes as good as one from your childhood.

Serve it with turkey sausages and fruit to top it off.

Mmmmmm, sweet and salty – the second best combination since Viennese dogs and tiny synthesizers. Seriously, why aren't more animals doing things for people?

7. French Toast with Brown Sugar Banana

Like pancakes, French Toast would be annoying if you addressed a lot in its usual form. All right! (Note: French toast is absolutely nothing French.)

However, turn it into a casserole and you're good to go. This recipe includes a banana filling with brown sugar, so you know it's going to pop.

Serve with maple syrup, more sliced ​​bananas, chopped nuts, or powdered sugar. Typing these words made me physically angry that I wasn't eating it right now. I am angry. Make me french toast.

We know that you are really looking for an excuse to eat cake first. But what do cheese and bacon sound like instead? Yes, we thought so.

8. Breakfast chiladas with poblano sauce

Breakfast of Mexican food is clearly one of our favorite hobbies.

To prepare these breakfast chiladas, fill corn or flour tortillas with scrambled eggs, chili potatoes, spicy ground turkey and cheese. and put it in a pan on the poblano sauce.

When they come out of the oven, they are bubbly and delicious. In this order.

If you are looking for a disposable card for the melting breakfast miracle, it will sort you out all the way. In addition, this chilli kick will get you and your guests straight out of this morning anesthetic.

9. Broccoli Quiche with Bacon

Quiche doesn't have to be complicated, but it will impress your guests. Turn this quiche into a quickie.

Pro Tip: Prepare the crust the night before to save time, or go crustless if you want to avoid quiche clichés, and rather turn them into frittata.

This broccoli and bacon quiche is paleo-friendly, but still has a cheesy taste thanks to nutritional yeast.

Mass preparation of food is a great way to satisfy a wide range of people, reduce food waste and share an experience.

The hardest part of the recipes above is keeping people away from your house every morning.

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