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9 men in their 20s share their best fitness tips

Date of Birth : 02/06/1996

Job : Acting / Marketing

Hometown : Mumbai, India

What was the last thing that made you cry? ] & # 39; Cry Me a River & # 39; – Justin Timberlake

What's your cheating meal? I start with a nice, elegant appetizer of sweet potato fries. The main course usually consists of a burger (medium rare with cheese) or a pizza (yes, and pizza). With a delicious glass of Ben & Jerry's, I can remember that I now have 3,000 extra calories in my body as I crawl into the deepest, most satisfied sleep.

Growing up, who was your pop culture, and who is your ultimate guy now? Chris Pratt is a big reason why I got fit. We started in similar places, and when I saw what he'd achieved in just eight months for Guardians of the Galaxy I let them think I could get where I wanted to be. The ultimate guy today is part Zac Efron, two parts The Rock, about 1

,000 parts John Cena and a pinch of Nick Jonas to try.

Date of Birth: 07/04/1993

Job: Singer / Songwriter

Location: Sarasota, FL

What do you think is a good life? I am a vegetarian since I was four years old and an enthusiastic runner for over seven years. For both reasons, building muscle is a shared effort for me. So recently, I decided to make a major lifestyle change and change my fitness routine from mostly running to mostly CrossFit. I never thought I would say that, but I love it!

Who is the strongest person you know? My grandmother. She is a refugee and immigrant who fled Germany during the Second World War and landed in Shanghai. She lived much of her childhood and during many converging wars on the street. The physical and mental strength needed to experience and thrive is nothing like anything I can ever imagine. Not to mention their strength and resilience, and then to come to this country and become one of the most successful (emotional and professional) people I know.

Do you have a personal motto? When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, you feel good!

Date of Birth: 6/1/1993

Job: Model / Actor / Wellness Trainer

Hometown: Brentwood, NY

Who is the strongest person you know My grandfather, Clarence Redd Jr., who is also the best portrayal of a man I know. He has taught me discipline, serenity, perseverance, how to admit I'm wrong, how to deal with failure, and to always hope for the best and handle the worst.

What was the last thing that made you cry? The birth of my son Evien Jonah Simmons, born August 8, 2018. He has changed my life for the better.

Do you have a person motto? Do my best so that I can not blame myself for anything.

Date of Birth: 26.10.1992

Job: Singer / Songwriter

Hometown: Stirling, Scotland

What is your favorite exercise and why? The Pullup It attacks your whole body (if done right) so you get the best price for the money.

What does "fit" mean for you? Well-being and self-confidence in one's own skin.

What's your cheating meal? I have to be honest: there are some. But I can not resist Taco Bell … just the best.

Birthday: 29.04.1992

Job: Motivational Speaker, Swimming Trainer, Manager (Tailwind Endurance)

Hometown: San Diego, California

What is your favorite exercise and why? Swimming – by far! Once I was afraid of the water, but once I knew it, it was difficult to get out of the water.

What does "fitting" mean for you? Being mentally, physically and mentally tough and realizing that it's more than being in the gym. It's also about recreation and nutrition.

What's your cheating meal? Mexican food or Chinese food

Date of birth : 24.08.1991

Job : Facebook employee / entrepreneur (multi-unit restaurant owner) / Model

Hometown : Brooklyn , NY

Why is fitness important to you? Physical fitness is a good indicator of a person's character. For me growing up as an Asian American, we are referred to as "Unmasculin". It is important to me to represent my culture as physically fit and strong, being a risk taker and defying traditional stereotypes.

Growing up, who was your pop culture, and who is your ultimate guy now? When I grew up, I did not have a "Fitspo" that I could identify with. There were no male and healthy Asians in the media. But there was a fictional character I admired Goku from the cartoon Dragon Ball Z . I always wanted to have Goku's body and admired his leadership and resilience. My goal is to fill that gap for Asian Americans and become a figure they can identify with or strive for. As far as my Fitspo is concerned, I admire and follow Tim Ferris and Terry Crews – both exceptional business people who have a well-balanced and efficient training program.

Who is the most important person in your life right now? My mother. My mother is the eldest of five and has looked after her family all her life. She emigrated in the thirties from China to the USA to get her second child: me. At that time China was overpopulated and only allowed families to have a child. She moved to a foreign land where she did not speak the common language and sacrificed everything so that I could exist. I owe her the world and work to make the rest of her life spectacular.

Date of Birth : 1/16/1992

Job : Security Guard / Model

Hometown : Hoboken, NJ

What is your favorite exercise and why? I started yoga recently and it changed my life. In addition to building lean muscles and exercising, it helps me to go in, sort out my thoughts, and allow myself to do my everyday life in a better headspace.

What's your cheating meal? Ice cream. Since my childhood, my family and I spent every summer at the Jersey Shore. I have fond memories of getting ice cream on the promenade with them.

Who is the most important person in your life right now? I am family oriented. I would have to tell my mother. She was always there for me.

Date of Birth : 09.03.1990

Job: Actor / Model

Hometown: Boston, MA

What is your favorite exercise and why? Running. I like running because it's one of the few exercises that makes me feel in control. I can drive as fast or as slow as I want, which allows me to reduce stress.

Growing up, who was your pop culture and who is your ultimate guy now? Muhammad Ali. For him, much more was at stake than just fighting. Now I look up at Michelle Obama because I believe she has reintroduced an appropriate role model. We need more role models, man or woman, to inspire and help us.

Do you have a personal motto? "Train while your opponent sleeps."

Date of Birth : 18.03.1989

Job : Model / Personal Trainer / Actor

Hometown : Brooklyn, NY

What does "fit" mean? You do not have to be the tallest or strongest, but you want to be functional in your size. Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to get the profits you want. If I feel uncomfortable during training, I have made myself fit in my size.

Favorite Exercise: Core Routines. I love to train my core because it sets the tone for everything else. And women love abs! 🙂

What is your motto? No days off. If you want the perfect body, you have to work for it. No shortcuts. Just grind and reach!

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