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9 cooking utensils under $ 25 Every new chef needs in the kitchen

You swear to yourself that you're going to start cooking, but if you try to cut an onion with a butter knife and cook spaghetti in a fried pan, you'll run into problems. You are convinced that you are not trained as a cook. But that is so wrong. Anyone can cook – yes, even you.

It's not surprising that cooking is less common in the US as more and more people depend on fast food, fast-casual connections, and instant delivery. But learning to cook for yourself can be a really positive experience. Yes, you save money, and making healthier choices becomes easier, but cooking can also be a pleasant one-to-one job or a great way to spend time with your roommate / partner / family.

Where do you start? ? The first step is to equip yourself with the best cooking tools that do not cost a damned fortune. These are the basic requirements that you will need to start your adventure … those to whom you need to prepare a meal are starting to end.

A good chef's knife is one of the most important tools in your kitchen … For that reason, this is the only thing that does not follow the rule below $ 25. Sorry, we had to! You will forgive us as soon as you realize that you are using this baby for almost every meal you prepare, from preparing vegetables to cutting up full chickens (they will be there someday). This eight-inch version of Mercer is a good start: with high-carbon steel, this knife gets sharp and stays sharp, which you'll soon realize is v. Important.

($ 37; amazon.com)

Size does not always matter. This little paring knife will prove its strength and is surprisingly helpful in preparing some of the smaller ingredients that you will cook (try peeling garlic without garlic and you'll see what we mean). A good vegetable knife can also be used for more specialized tools such as a peeler and a tomato topping spoon (yes, there is and it is a waste of money). Victorinox makes a great vegetable knife that will last a lifetime.

($ 8; amazon.com)

Yes, we have another one for you: the jagged knife. These guys are useful for cutting bread and softer foods like tomatoes. The idea of ​​bringing a sharp-edged chef's knife into a crispy sourdough bread is enough to make kitchen professionals cry. Therefore, avoid damaging the blade (and your bread) by holding a serrated knife at hand instead. Since these guys are hard to hone, you want a blade that keeps its edge over time. While expensive, Mercer's $ 20 knife does its job.

($ 21

; amazon.com)

also wants to have. The peeling of starchy vegetables like potatoes with a knife should be left to the professionals anyway. Ironically, this is an instrument where the cost has nothing to do with quality. For less than $ 6, this cooking tool will peel faster than a chimpanzee in a banana factory.

($ 6; amazon.com)

You can not use these new knives without cutting them! The chopping board becomes your prep station where slices of ingredients are sliced, diced, minced and chopped to make your meal delicious. Plastic cutting boards have become more popular, but we still like wood because of its aesthetics and durability.

This $ 19 bamboo variant will do the job. It's big enough to give you plenty of room to work without being so big that you have trouble clearing it. The small peripheral liquid collector is also suitable for collecting runoff from cooked proteins.

($ 25; amazon.com)

A cast-iron pan becomes a pot in the kitchen. Sure, you could choose a non-stick or stainless steel version, but the best thing about cast iron is that it can be used for anything. Saute, fry, bake, roast – all these techniques can be done with this single piece of metal.

The American manufacturer's cottage has been making cast-iron pans since 1896, so one can say that they know one or two things. This nine-inch version of their prepared frying pan is an ideal starting point for cooking stoves and ovens. And guess what? It's only $ 15.

($ 15; amazon.com)

Soup is one of the simplest meals you can prepare if you're a new chef. Normally it only needs one pot, there are large amounts of food (leftovers are everything) and you feel comfortable in cold weather. But for that you need a big pot. The same applies to mashed potatoes, spaghetti etc. A solid soup pot opens the door to explore even more recipes and techniques (but especially mashed potatoes).

If you buy a soup pot, you want something heavy and lid-like. This 16-quart model is on the smaller side but a high quality choice for a starting cook who wants to research with a budget.

($ 23; amazon.com)

Unlike the name, these guys are useful for making more than just sauces. You can also cook vegetables, cook grains or rice and melt cheddar … for Mac and Cheese.

For less than $ 20, this one and a half quarter version of Cuisinart is perfect for all these tasks. Stainless steel ensures even heat distribution, and a tight-fitting lid keeps the heat where it's needed.

($ 18; amazon.com)

Thanks to Pinterest, relying on a recipe book is no longer essential to cooking. But the millions of recipes on the internet can be overwhelming (and confusing for those trying to cook a pot of water). For this reason, we propose to return to the basics and open a cookbook to get guidance in the kitchen.

There are tons of cookbooks, but one that has never led astray is Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food . This classic comes from one of California's most legendary chefs, who breaks everything from ingredients and equipment to basic introductory methods. As you cross through this masterpiece, you become a better cook.

($ 22; amazon.com)

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