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8 times Alex Trebek mercilessly owned "Jeopardy!" competitor

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Alex Trebek: Perfected pro. Soothing TV presence. Authoritative voice A man with all answers (on the cards in front of him). There are many words that host the Jeopardy! who has been distributing wit and wisdom in the form of a question on our screens for nearly 35 years. We've certainly heard many of them in recent days, of the many well-wishers who paid tribute to Trebek as he announced that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Still, there is another award that may be attributed less often, but is no less true: Trebek can give away some pretty bad burns. Although Trebek is rare, if not mean, he has earned the reputation of playing twice a day reckless abuse on the many candidates who dare to take his stage. It's a vivacious approach that may not work well for your average Oregon Joe, but it certainly made him enjoy looking over the years. Here are some of the times when Trebek led the board.

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"We're getting some nuts."

Jeopardy! 's traditional post-break interviews offer applicants a break grueling contest for a mildly traumatic conversation with Trebek. Filling 30 seconds with the most interesting anecdote to invoke is, according to former applicants, the most panicking part of the show, and not least because Trebek uses every opportunity to mock her. One player found out after she told how she trained her goldfish to swim through Trekk's visible skepticism – followed by an audible mockery. "Not only do we get clever people to compete on Jeopardy," Trebek told the camera, "we get some crazy people."

"You have not respected Big Bird"

"Weird" is a popular Trebek insult The time when he questioned a returning champion about a childhood letter she once wrote to Big Bird , It was not writing to a fictional, dead-eyed puppet that brought insulting insults to Trebek's. It's more that she was obviously so funky and told Big Bird that her third favorite color is yellow, just like you, and then pick up some superfluous bunnies to please themselves. Granted, the story, like most of these interviews, was almost total nonsense. But Trebek is on the side – "You feel that our current champion is a bit weird?" – Mueller still earned a real chin and caused him to shoot back: "Oh yes, give me that Look! You did not respect Big Bird! They are lucky to be here. "

" Alex, you are insensitive! "

For three decades, Alex Trebek has suffered more stories about other people's pets than your average veterinarian, so you can forgive him if he sometimes has trouble shitting. This is also true in the case of domestic animals dying as seen by a participant who lost his beloved pygmy goat after eating a whole bag of quick-setting concrete. Trebek laughed in the middle of his face and asked, "Was it a 60-pound or 80-pound bag?" To which she exclaimed, "Alex, you are insensitive!" All he could do was "you." right! "He was so amused that he did not even speak with the final candidate and wanted to talk to him" AJ, I do not want to talk to you ".

"Losers, in other words. "

" Nerdcore "is a hip-hop style that is characterized by inclusiveness and opens up the genre to a community so seldom celebrated in rap. "It's people who identify themselves as nerdy and rap about the things they love: video games, sci-fi, meeting romantic partners have a hard time," said an avid nerdcore fan, Trebek, a passionate advocate made him drop one of them the most devastating bars since Nas'Ether replied, "Losers, in other words." Although he had insisted that he would only tease, the skewer threw in a small beef the Nerdcore world, all about the diss track "Who Is Alex Trebek? "From nerdcore artists like MC Frontalot, Jarbo and MC Hawking. (Sample line: "Sideways talking about nerds, you're a journey / I suppose you did not hear geeks make up half of your viewers.")

"If you call guys and get this one, I'm going to die. "[19659010] Of course, Alex Trebek's Stuffing Nerds In Lockers' all-time champion is the momentarily famous episode of 2018, when all three players, who were eventually demoted to the board's only remaining category, have a series of football questions had to endure unpleasant silence. "I can tell you that you are great football fans," Trebek joked when no one was intervening to report for the penalties and Minnesota Vikings' defensive line in the late 1960s. Finally, they asked, "Do you think we should go to the commercials?" Okay, we get it, Trebek, you like sports.

"Coupe – or Coo-Pay"

Even Trebek's love, trivia tricks too Needless to say, because he is obviously indoor children, compared to his most beloved hobby: passive-aggressive, to correct the French of all – the language of love is one of Trebek's favorites, as many times he used it to his utter contempt for his false allusion, and to really honk these vocal sounds in his best Inspector Clouseau Jeanne d'Arc was known as the Maid of Or- Oh ho ho ho! Or- Lee-AHNNN.

"What are you doing, baby?"

To be fair, sometimes his contempt is somehow earned.For example, at that time a candidate had acquitted his last danger! Question by writing in "What are you doing Baby? "This is an indication of a popular Me m that Trebek read with the halting, suspicious cadence of an adult who has clearly spent the august years of his life without any knowledge of Twitter. "What are you doing, baby?" Trebek replied. "Well, I'm wrong and I'll lose $ 1,000." But hey, the contestant won anyway – and Trebek, who hopefully never stopped googling it.

"Hahahaha … No"

Few can use a perfectly cutting remark like Alex Trebek, but the snappiest moment in his entire career has been the moment when a poor soul finds the mutilated, completely fictitious word "Rotunderer "with all the misguided chutzpah she could muster. Trebek's answer – a simple "Hahahaha …. No "- will certainly scoff them even in the middle of the night and is a warning to anyone who would dare to enter the shelves with this, one of the cruelest hosts in the history of the game show.

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