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8 surviving colleagues on the gross, real health issues they had

I once lived on an island in Fiji for 39 days, with a group of strangers who cut coconuts with machetes and tried to sleep next to a small fire curled up in the sand. I was second on Survivor 33: Millennials Vs. GenX . We spent our first night on the beaches of Fiji with warmth, while a cyclone destroyed our camp, and that set the tone. Another place brought insects that were so terrible that we would stay awake, waiting for the tides to penetrate and the flies to leave our ears. At the end of my time, I was a skeleton of my initial self, exhausted and slimy over everything I had experienced before. Still, it was the strangest and best adventure I've ever had!

During my time on the island, I lost over 20 pounds, my legs were covered in bites and my hair was tangled up in a beautiful nest of curls and sticks. I remember coming home, looking in the mirror and thinking, this is not my body. And the charge that it had in my head? Well, that's a story from another time.

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Hannah Shapiro.

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Since you've probably mentioned Jeff Probst in front of the camera, there's a team of doctors Survivor prepared to provide assistance in the near future – including raging Doctor Joe, who appeared several times on screen When Caleb Reynolds was evacuated for medical reasons during Survivor 32: Koah Rong [19459024JeffProbstsaid EW : "As far as our medical department is concerned, I could write for hours and still not have enough good things about Dr. Ing. Joe Rowles and his team say. It takes a situation like this to really see what someone is made of and what kind of leader is in crisis.

Like any extreme sport that had an extremely camping child, takes Survivor and Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction – back to play on another island where it's hard for retired players come, the conditions are as intense as ever. I have collected a tribe of former Castaways, each of whom spent many days on the island to tell their stories about how survivors theirs

Survivors Ready: Go!

Kellyn Bechtold

Survivors 36: Ghost Island (35 days) [19659014] "Several parasites, hookworms and tapeworms."

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Kellyn Bechtold.

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"I was fortunate enough to live on an island for 35 years. Survivor squeezed my body in a way that I never did I've gained about 10 pounds before the game started, I've lost a bit more all that and this month – up to almost 12% of my body weight – my weight fluctuated not only during the game but also afterwards Preparing for the show, losing weight in the game, running after, losing weight for the live final, and finally equalizing, my weight fluctuated 70 pounds.

"The additional number of survivor survivor My body had several parasites, hookworms and tapeworms, and it took over a year for the puzzle to be resolved. I got problems with my urinary tract and could not figure out what was wrong Doctors and tests have found that the medicines I used to get rid of the bugs and worms destroyed my bladder and the entire urinary system. I have been on the island for 19 months and right now I am taking all medications to repair my gastrointestinal tract and my urinary tract.

"Nothing is permanent, and yes, I would do it again! Also, I still do not really like coconut, and rice will never be the same."

Andrea Boehlke

Survivor 22: Redemption Island (37 days) ; Survivor 26: Caramoan (33 days) ; Survivor 34: Game Changers (33 days)

"I spent a whole week at the hospital."

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Andrea Boehlke.

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" Survivor definitely had a number on my body! I lost 11 pounds in my third season of Survivor but then It got a lot worse when I developed a kidney infection that probably had started on the island In the States, I spent a whole week at the hospital with a very serious kidney infection that even made my heart weaker! My family flew after NYC to visit me at the hospital I think they thought I was dying because my organs were not working properly Note, that's when I learned I have a PFO that's a little hole in my heart! This was not caused by my time on Survivor it's actually a pretty general condition, but I find it amusing to know that I have a physical hole that goes to the metaph Orical hole fits in my heart. The more you know! Anyway, my kidneys are fine now.

"I also noticed that my metabolism is now much worse than before playing Survivor probably due to the three-time, random hunger phase of more than a month." I still have scars on the knee of insect bites in the Philippines, and now I have melasma, that is a hyperpigmentation of the skin on my face, which has really developed under the hot sun of Fiji. I am crazy. "

Jay Starrett

Survivor 33: Millennials Vs. GenX (36 days)

"My foot had turned into an elephant's foot."

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Jay Starrett.

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Survivor definitely has a tribute to any guy who plays Body – Considering that I'm an athletic type, one of my biggest concerns was definitely the nutritional aspect of the game – would I starve or be able to eat little but what most seemed to forget were injuries anywhere during the game.

"Most people do not know that I sprained my ankle halfway. I wrapped him in my sock and kept playing. Although it was painful, you can not show any weakness and you still have to push for adrenaline. This adrenaline definitely keeps your body afloat. During my last few days I had cut my foot on the reef and never noticed the pain or the infection.

"The moment I was rejected and adrenaline subsided, the infection really spread and got worse! My foot had turned into an elephant's foot and was swollen for weeks even after the game, and they had the infection on the island I just had to be on medicine for weeks to finally sink in. Fortunately, it did not happen at the beginning of the game. Survivor is such a fierce onslaught and [there are] so many aspects that one must remember that I did not intend – that was one of them – but I certainly learned. "

Wendell Holland

Survivor 35: Ghost Island (winner, 39 days) [19659023] "Really makes a number in your head."

  Survivor: Ghost Island "title =" Survivor: Ghost Island "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/it -is-game-time-kids-jeff-probst- awards-wendell-holland-news-photo-965298304-1553694535.jpg? crop = 0.566xw: 1.00xh; 0,249xw, 0 & resize = 480: * </picture></div>
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Wendell Holland.

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"Before Survivor I was a Pescatarian because I wanted to lead a healthier life." Before I came to the show, I tried another meat to mine Stomach getting used to new things I knew If I had come a long way, I would have a good chance of winning Food Rewa and whatever the reward is, I would like to eat as much as possible, and that's what happened! I literally starved to death There, I ate pounds and ate only coconuts, a very small portion of rice, and occasionally small fish / snails / crabs / hermit crabs / shells, but I was able to win three great food rewards, including an epic taco Tuesday, a roasted chicken treat, and I'm glad that I prepared my stomach a bit when I devoured all the food, and then it went through me e Save Deets.

"After winning Survivor I came home, I was emaciated, I was a skeleton, I went back to playing basketball in leagues and with my buddies and I was terrible! I did not know what was going on with my game, it took me months to realize that I was losing so much weight and food that I was thrown around the square and [becoming] got tired much faster, which was even worse Survivor is really a number for your mental state and if that is not right then other things will easily disintegrate even if I have finally won Long term state of eating and sleep deprivation, and under 19 You have a lot in your mind for other people who just want to lie, cheat, and shy away: they come home with confidence problems, they come home very sensitively, and that affects everyone in his own way. For me it has helped a lot to stay true and to be close to my family about this hunchback. Oh, and ribs, chicken wings, bacon cheeseburgers, lemon squares and brownies. That helped everything two months after the island. Now back to my pescatarian ways. "

Neal Gottlieb

Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong (19 days)

" It felt like it was ripping my flesh.

  Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty

Neal Gottlieb.

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

"I was shot by Jeff on Day 19, Idol, evacuated

" Survivor I collected giant clams, oysters, crabs, fish and even killed a stingray with an ax.This activity, coupled with the environment, felt exhausted.We were in Cambodia, Rainy nights could be hours of trembling to ward off hypothermia, even though the times of the day are unbearably hot, and all together, sleep deprivation was the thing I doubt if I average more than four hours each

"On the afternoon of the 15th day, a few hours after a challenge, I had pain near my knee and something that looked like a pimple looked deeper in my skin than a pimple Pimples would be, because although it had leaked that afternoon, broke out in the coming days, an infection that led to a mountainous open wound, which spat the puss with an impressive speed. It grew and split further, while my body did not seem to mind, not even against the antibiotics. But Mount Saint Neal, as I called him on a whim, when Jeff asked me about it at the first immunity challenge, was just my second largest infection, My Back, which the doctor squeezed with both hands before the same challenge that felt like I tear my flesh. I was taken out of the game later in the day.

"I was rushed out of the hospital for medical purposes, so I would not have permanent disability." After a few boat trips and a bus ride across the country, I stared at the ceiling of a hospital in Phnom Penh as a doctor was monitoring the infection I was held in hospital for a total of two nights, amazed at how well I recovered, although it was certainly not 100%, and it took about two weeks for the wounds to recover were completely closed (about six weeks before my infections were completely healed), but there is nothing better than unlimited food and sleep to restore a body. "

Mike Holloway

Survivor 30: Worlds Apart ( Victor, 39 days)

" Survivor put this middle-aged man through the bell."

  Survivor: Worlds Apart "title =" Survivor: Worlds Apart "class =" Lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/survivor-russian-roulette-mike- holloway-during-the eleventh-news-photo-471547690-1553694891.jpg? crop = 0.566xw: 1.00xh; 0.192xw, 0 & resize = 480: * 19659004] Mike Holloway. </figcaption><p>
			<span class= CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

"Thirty-five pounds thinner, 20% of my muscle mass lost, and you say a million dollars worth it? You bet it's your sweetheart." [He won.] Thirty-nine days have one With a little food, your body goes into shutdown mode, almost as if you were in cold water, where your blood is constricting in vital areas.

"I could not eat when I got home and when I did it was a binge party that caused even worse stomach problems. Parasites are a real thing – there are pictures that prove it. Yes, Survivor banned this middle-aged man through the bell, but it was well worth it.

Sunday Burquest

Survivor 33: Millennials vs. GenX (35 days)

"I'm in the ER and I'm about to undergo surgery for a bug bite? "

  Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X" title = "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X" class = "Lazyimage lazyload" data-src = "https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg -prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/will-destroy-you-sunday -burquest-competes-on-the-seventh-news-photo-621647630-1553695111.jpg? crop = 1.00xw: 0.668xh; 0, 00173xw, 0,0798xh & resize = 480: </picture></div>
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Sunday Burquest.

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

"I'm in the ER and on the verge of surgery for a bug bite ? It was all surreal …

"I started the game with a sturdy 150 pounds, which I was not happy about, but still I was completely healthy apart from an incident with a huge splinter that hit my big toe a huge I had 35 of the 39 days in play right after the deselection, my vital signs were taken and I was weighed, which would probably have been my favorite part of the game when I weighed in at 125. I lost 25 Pound.

"The day after the match we have been able to return to the US and I became reminded that I was bitten by a bug bite on my arm near my elbow, but I did not think about it, I had several bugs across the US throughout the game, I noticed that my arm felt hot, and I thought so Well, that's weird: after a 12-hour flight, we landed in LA, where I would wait another five hours for my home flight, until then my arm It's not just hot, it's starting to swell. I landed in Minneapolis, and the swelling had increased from my forearm to my triceps area.

"The next morning, on urgent care, I got antibiotics, my arm continued to swell, and later in the evening, I was in the ER: just hours before, I had begun to grind my words and lose my ability to running in a straight line (temperature 104.5) The doctor said they were conducting tests to determine the type of infection that was raging in my body, the bug bite was at my elbow and due to the situation, there was concern Bursitis could get stuck in the bone, so they needed surgery to completely clear the infection, and my doctor was completely confused about my physical condition, showing me that I was malnourished, defiant iron, and with dangerously low blood pressure finally, why I was Fiji, his facial expression was invaluable.

"The next day, the surgeon told me that my elbow operation, not just one but two surgeries. Both operations were great and I have a scar on my arm to remind me of my time in FIJI. There was never a single moment or day that I regretted leaving my family alone.

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