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8 lip powders that replace your lipstick

Lip powders are probably the youngest beauty product that makes you go, "Huh?". Why would you want to powder your lips, right? Lip powders, however, are not so confusing – they are simply a powdered lip product that provides a duller, blurred finish than traditional lipsticks. This k-beauty trend has been pouring into the USA in recent years, and now they are made by several brands here.

Lip powders felt very dry on the lips and did not offer much variety in processing. "Mat was really the only option for women, and they felt heavy and chalky," she says. The new formulations are weightless, multi-dimensional and creamy, and now come in both a matte and shimmering finish.

These products are much less messy than they might sound, especially with creamy formulations. Lip powders can be delivered with a wand applicator or a brush and even in a ball like a conventional lipstick. Of course, it is also acceptable to apply the product with your own fingertips. "I actually recommend applying lip powder with a finger or a sponge," says Westman studio founder Gucci Westman. "Lip powders can be used to add volume to the lip, the key is to make the product by dabbing or dabbing with your fingertip for a more diffused, natural look."

Feeling inspired? Here are some lip powders to try.

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