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7 Ways To Get Closer To Women – How To Look Kinder

Since #MeToo many men have asked me how they should flirt with women if every first step could be interpreted as harassment. I tell them to sit tight. Men should be nervous when approaching women, but that does not mean that you can not take any steps to make them feel more comfortable when you tell you to be as normal and harmless approach possible.

Like my friend Rob (not his real name).

As soon as we enter a bar – or a sweetgreen, an elevator or a CVS – the attention of the women in the room shifts subtly. rob. The eyes are waiting for talks. Hair is thrown. The bodies turn slightly towards him like sunflowers. It's like the moment of World War II when all zombies climb each other to cross the wall where people are hiding. I usually lose him after about half an hour in a CGI anthill. But he hardly has to do anything.

Rob is attractive ̵

1; just like the adult version of the most beloved student if he did not go to college – but beyond that he is extremely accessible. He manages to communicate through what he wears, how he behaves and even how he stands, that he is genuine, sincere and friendly. I studied Rob for months until I cataloged his charms. Then I called a women's summit to help me put together a guide to accessibility. These are our findings.

STEP 1: Dress – but not casual

When I suggested that Rob dress "for women," he agreed with a qualification, "I'm dressing to be comfortable," he said me. I would argue that dressing for comfort and dressing for women are the same. My friends too.

I studied Rob for months until I cataloged his charms. Then I called a women's summit.

"I would also feel safer if I approach a man who dresses looser." Unusual business people can be intimidating, "said Kaila, 29." I also used an interesting piece of clothing to beat boys is a simple conversation starter. "Break Out These New T-Shirts, Gentlemen.

Shannon, 29, suggested men's clothing should be" comfortable but fresh, "pointing out comedian Hasan Minhaj for reference I had never investigated Minhaj's fashion choices, but a quick Google search revealed some scary similarities to Rob's (Cue theme X-Files .) Both men disguise themselves, but chic: they often wear white Sneakers, but the sneakers are very clean, they generally wear jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater, but everything fits well and is in good condition – no wrinkles, stains or holes intimidating, but not musty.

STEP 2: Bring a friend. , ,

If you have one or two friends with you, you look less like a murderer. (Shannon pointed out that a man who is "comfortable alone" reads or is somehow self-absorbed, very accessible.)

"If a man is near a group of men, this is a good sign It's not just about sneaking around in a bar like a madman, "said 26-year-old Sophia, adding that she usually waits for a man to split from the flock by joining Example goes to the bar alone before approaching. "I will not talk to four people if I only want to talk to one."

The smaller your group, the more accessible you will be. "If it's just him and a buddy, I'd probably call him more likely than when he's in a large group of men," Eliza (32) agreed, "especially when there are women in the group." [19659005] STEP 3: . , , But not a lady buddy

Being with girlfriends makes other men definitely jealous, but it also makes women less inclined to approach you: we have no way of knowing if this beautiful woman on your left is your girlfriend or yours Girlfriend is, and we will not risk her anger by firing our shot.

STEP 4: Get You Physically Available

As a small woman, I have to find a clear path to a man as I approach him. My worst fear is that I'll try to break into a phalanx of men to talk to, and none of them will hear me, so I'll have to say "hey" louder and louder until I call "hey" so loud, that the whole bar will be quiet and look at me.

Nobody wants to talk to the brooding bad boy in a bar.

"I do not want to get up from behind and clumsily pat someone on the back," Kaila said. It may feel like "hello, it's me, short lady, down here, I swear, I'm an adult." Leave some space between you and your friends, and only sit down with a seat next to you.

STEP 5: Do not be sad

Women like the brooding bad boy on the screen (call me Marlon Brando around 1951), but nobody wants to talk to the brooding bad boy in a bar every woman who was interviewed by babes on my big peak said she would not approach any man unless he smiled a lot and had a good time – unless he looked friendly and slightly charmed.

Observe Rob: He begins to spread kindness as soon as he enters a bar, he jokes with the doorman, he smiles at the bartender and then he shrouds the room for a minute, reassuring everyone. "I'm not going to a guy who does not smile. It just feels too dangerous to talk to a man who is serious, calm and trying to be cool, "Sophia said. "I'm not trying to be murdered."

STEP 6: Stay alert. , ,

Use your friends to look less brooding, but do not get involved in their chat. "One thing that kept me from approaching a man is the feeling that I'm interrupting a conversation or enjoying the game he's watching on bar-tv," Ashley said, 29. "When I approach men , is it." usually when they participate in a conversation but do not delve into or when they look at something, but also often look up what's happening elsewhere in the room. "

" It just feels like it's dangerous to talk to a man who is serious, calm and trying to be cool. "

Women are very gifted when they're halfway there: I've had many long, wonderful conversations with my girlfriends, all of whom were halfway satisfied. We contribute every few seconds while we look around the room we've come to a solution to world hunger during one of these discussions, we'll never know, nobody paid attention.

STEP 7: But chill

While you have your half -assed but very pleasant (1965) Smile!) Conversation with your small group of winged friends, be careful not to get too loud In middle school, it was a great way to be loud and boisterous in order to signal self-confidence and attract the attention of girls being left out indicates adulthood in adulthood, it also indicates that you are drunk, one of the cruel contradictions of flirting is, that is to say, being drunk Alcohol, which makes you feel good when you approach someone, also makes women less likely to approach you. So order a soda with bitterness and sit tight. If you make the right impression (that you are a non-killer with funny friends and clean clothes), the women will come.

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