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7 essentials that you need in your sports bag

From changing clothes to the familiar deodorant and everything else in between, sports bags are both unique and necessary. However, the problem is not adding things, just editing the list to fit everything in your pocket. Instead of stuffing unnecessary items into your bag, follow a list of our top must-haves that will prepare you for the gym and get you ready for a fresh start.

When Time Fells The prospect of taking a shower after workouts is less likely than originally planned – these wipes are here to save the day. They are big enough for your entire body and leave no icky residue. Keep a box of it in your pocket and you will release the keys for the midday workout you always wanted to do!

If dry shampoo is not already in your gym bag, this must be STAT. Depending on your hair needs, you may already have a preferred brand, but we like it because it's small and fits easily in a sports bag – but not too small, so you need to constantly replenish it. It also has a fresh scent that makes your Sesh hair that has appeared after sweating rejuvenate and feel alive.

The sports bag for everyone holds small discrepancies that have no room. Contact cases, hairpins, plasters or travel toothbrushes – everything you need now is not a home thanks to this versatile drawstring bag.

If you love your classic Blender bottle, just wait – it gets better with the introduction of the ProStak system. Keep snacks to boost your training in the storage system, or use it to keep your supplements and powders. Whatever you decide, you should keep it in your sports bag!

Getting into your fitness routine has few negative effects on your body except one: dry skin. More showers, more sweat – all of which can make your skin drier often. If your face needs serious moisture, you should leave this stick in your pocket to tighten the skin properly!

This is not a normal towel! It is compact and made of microfiber, which makes it particularly absorbent. It can be treated with both sweat and after showering. This towel is ideal for a particularly hard and sweaty workout. It is suitable for your sports bag.

The most important rule for any sports bag is: Make sure it does not stink. There's nothing worse than a sports bag stinking of sweat and stinky tennis shoes. No worries, there is a solution to every problem, and in this case, it's an ingenious bag that holds all your stinking things in check and keeps them (and their smells) at bay.

What is your favorite sports bag without which you can not live? Tell us your must-haves!

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