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7 body changes that require your attention

There are many changes in your body that you do not notice. Body changes are the best indicators of health problems. Some changes in your body that you may not notice can be a warning sign of illness. It can be difficult to track all changes. But here are some body changes that could say a lot about your health. You need to pay close attention to them and if they get worse you need to see a doctor. Continue reading to know some body changes that require your immediate attention.

Accidental weight loss

If you lose weight unintentionally without exercise or diet, this may be an indication of a serious health problem. Extreme weight loss can be the result of a viral infection, intestinal disease, excessive thyroid or even lung cancer. If you lose too much weight without exercise and diet, you will need to be examined soon.

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Common Bowel Problems

If you frequently suffer from stomach problems then it can be a result of many problems. This may be due to poor gut health or consuming an inappropriate diet. You need to be aware of your diet or should consult a doctor to check for any bacteria or infections in your stomach.

Unexplained bleeding

If you have unusual bleeding, this can be a serious problem. Blood in the urine or stool, bleeding from the chest or blood in the cough should be properly examined. You must see your doctor immediately if you have any of these side effects.

Chapped lips

Chapped lips can be a result of changes in the season. However, if you have cracked lips for a long time or at an unusual time of year, this may be related to some health problems. It can be an allergic reaction to certain medications or foods. You can also get chapped lips for bad hygiene. Lips at the corners of the lips are due to vitamin B, A and E deficiency. If you notice an unusual change in the color of your lips or cracked lips, you must consider a visit to a doctor.

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Dilute Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can say a lot about your health. Excessive hair loss or complete disappearance of the eyebrows may be associated with a thyroid disorder. You should get your thyroid exam in such a case and take medication as suggested by your doctor.

Brittle nails

In addition to eyebrows, nails also say a lot about your health. Any change in the structure of the nails or the paint can be associated with health problems. Brittle nails are mainly due to a lack of vitamins and nutrients. Pale nails are a sign of anemia or iron deficiency. White streaks or stains may be due to a lack of certain nutrients such as zinc, copper and iodine. Yellow is a sign of liver problems.

If you experience such changes, you must see your doctor to avoid further complications. Early detection helps you to prevent the progression of the disease into something irrevocable.

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