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6 underestimated power targets for women

Women now hunt more power targets in the gym than ever before. The popularity of weight training has skyrocketed in recent years and we pursue the idea of ​​not only achieving goals to be fit, but actually using our bodies to do what we once thought unthinkable. You may be a beginner or an advanced or advanced lifter in terms of years in the gym – regardless of whether there are exercises or exercises that challenge or master you.

Remember, these are the following goals, which means that they must work to achieve. While some may seem unattainable or absurd, you might surprise yourself if you use the time – and this will only lead to bigger goals!

. 1
2-Position Active Slope

Jump up a pull-up bar and stay in the upper position of the chin-up bar (chin over the bar) for 30 seconds, then lower it in a controlled manner. Keep your arms straight for 60 seconds. This is the ideal time frame. It is best to start with small steps, possibly 5 seconds at the top and 15 to 20 seconds at the bottom.

Try to add a little more time each time you practice active hanging than you did the last time you performed the exercise. This is a great way to practice mastering rigorous pull ups when you're not ready yet!

. 2 Heavy Kettlebell Turns

As part of a metabolic conditioning workout, kettlebell turns are often performed for high repetition to increase aerobic capacity and muscle endurance. And it's definitely a move that you want to get the right shape with before you gain weight. But the quick movement in combination with a hip joint seems to keep people from getting heavier, and at this point you might miss some serious strength benefits.

  Active Hanging in 2 Positions

Kettlebell swings involve the entire body and have the potential to build powerful glutes and hamstrings. However, if you always do it with light weight, you do not have to adjust the force. If you can pick up the heaviest kettlebell in your gym (yes, the one you're secretly afraid of) and swing it for 5 to 10 repetitions, we'd say you have some serious chain gains in the posterior region.

. 3 Hollow Body Hold for more than 60 seconds

A strong and stable core is essential for the proper and safe performance of force movements to reduce the risk of injury. And who does not want a rock-hard middle section? These hollow body handles may seem easy, but do not be alarmed if, after a few moments, you notice that your body is shaking.

A hollow body grip should lift your arms, shoulders, and legs off the ground. Lay your back flat on the floor. Both arms and legs are straight and active. The initial phase of this movement is to bring the knees to the chest and slowly stretch the legs outward over time.

. 4 10-20 Strict Pushups

Pushups are one of the most basic bodyweight exercises you can do, but many women find them one of the hardest. In fact, they hate to do it. But maybe there just is not much incentive or understanding why it's worth doing something – why make a push-up when you can do a breast press machine or flat-bank dumbbell press? But friends, they are not the same thing. Push-ups require that your entire body engage, especially your core, your legs, and your upper body.

  Strict push-ups

If you can finally boast that you do not have to take them off your knees, that in itself is satisfying, you can take up to 10 or more steps. Relocating one's own body weight is a powerful thing.

. 5 Sotts Press

Well, at first glance you might wonder why this is considered a "force" goal. The mobility and stability required to actually perform this movement will improve with your progress, as well as helping you develop the power in both the up and down positions of a squat.

If you're interested in CrossFit or weightlifting, then this is an exercise that definitely translates into tearing or cleaning and jerking. And even if you do not, the Sotts press may still be worth your time – improving your mobility and stability for overall health and quality is not a bad thing in our book.

. 6 A Real Clean (and a jerk for bonus points)

You may have seen how Olympic weightlifters and CrossFit athletes performed cleans and thought it would never be something you could do. It's a highly technical, explosive lift, but this is where the benefits begin.

  A true cleaner and moron

Many will dismiss this as a lift that is useless if you are not an athlete. However, purifications give you body awareness, challenge multiple muscle groups, and help you develop speed and strength, anaerobic stamina, strength, and stability. You need to work on something to challenge your brain and your body, whether it's a technique or a force. And once you've done it, you look pretty bad while you're at it!

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