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6 Tips for Beginners Snowboarder of Olympia Julia Marino

If you're thinking of snowboarding but are not sure if it's for you ( raises your hand ), the Olympic snowboarder gets Julia Marino It

When the six-time X Games medal winner tried the sport for the first time, she was not a fan at all.

"I did not like it that much," Marino, a 21- Westport, a native of Connecticut, tells SELF. Instead, she preferred to go skiing at the age of three and a half, when she first hit the slopes and switched to boarding only because of circumstances, not the age of 1

2 years. On a fateful family outing to Beaver Creek, Colorado, Marinos skied the mountain. Instead of renting a new pair, Marino's father insisted he use a snowboard he already had on hand. Marino was eagerly tied to the board, and at the end of the week "it was actually fun," she says.

From then on, her passion and talent for snowboarding grew quickly. At the age of fifteen, she moved to Colorado to train full-time, and at the age of 18, she entered the elite scene and entered her first ever World Prix event as a last resort – and shocked the competition by everyone struck.

Today, the slopestyle and the great air specialist was the first female rider to ever land a double-dip in a slopestyle contest in 2016, during the season at least every day in the snow. Recently, she participated in two elite elite events – the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she finished second in both slopestyle sections (19459020) and the LAXX Open ] in Switzerland.

In the run-up to their next big pro-event, the X Games Aspen 2019 which started this Thursday, January 24th, we talked to Marino to get her tips, never Previous to the border were (as I did) make this first experience as pleasant and safe as possible.

[Note: Because snowboarding is a technical and nuanced sport with important safety precautions, first-timers should get lessons from a certified instructor before hitting the slopes solo. The following tips are intended to supplement, not replace, that.]

. 1 Prepare for the stability and balance work in the gym.

When Marino is at home in Westport, she regularly works with a personal trainer who creates custom workouts that make her a better border. And many of these sessions focus on two key competences: Nuclear Stability and Balance .

In addition to weighted one-leg Balance Exercises and Exercises with the Combat Ropes Marino exercises on a Indo-Board which is essentially a balance board with wheels is. She stands on the board and makes medicine ball throws on it or sometimes makes a funny turn: "A few times with my dad I would do something where he would charge me credit cards and I tried to catch them," Marino says.

Because stability and balance of the core play such an important role in sports, exercises that specifically develop these skills before you reach the slopes can help you to be more comfortable and confident. Here are some suggestions on how to build nuclear stability using a BOSU ball and some important steps for working on your balance .

. 2 Please consider a butt. No seriously.

Beginners should wait a lot of time on the butt, both voluntarily (if you sit down to buckle in and out of your snowboard) and involuntarily (if you lose balance on the slopes) (which happens regularly when You learn the sport). While there is no magic trick to avoid falling – it's pretty much a necessary, albeit unfortunate aspect of the sport – can minimize the impact by cushioning your butt appropriately, Marino says. This padding consists of butt pads that Marino wears every time she rides.

Although Marino is the reason for putting on these safety buffers, he's supposed to protect his tailbone, which she calls "extremely sensitive" since her injury. As a kid, she recommends Butt Pads for all new snowboarders, "to make sure they're the next Days do not hurt. "

You can find them at Amazon, where among the best-selling brands Soared 3D Protection includes EVA-padded, shorts and KUYOU Protection Hip, 3D-padded shorts ,

. 3 Layer, layer, layer … and then more layer.

One of the more uncomfortable aspects of snowboarding is defying cold, sometimes cold conditions. It's something that elites and amateurs must face equally.

"I'm probably the coldest snowboarder of all," says Marino. "I'm always freezing." Of course, the elements do not stop her from beating the slopes, and that's because she knows how to layer her. "I try to get as many shirts as possible without feeling like a crazy Michelin man," says Marino, whose upper body and face are most prone to feel chilled. She also pulls a neck cuff over her ears to protect her from the biting wind. The equipment you need, of course, depends on the specific conditions in which you will drive. In mid-February, snowboarding in Quebec is something different than snowboarding in Tahoe at the end of April. Check out the best ski and snowboard equipment from SELF from 2018 to get ideas for getting started.

. 4 You can fall back on experiences you have while skateboarding or surfing.

Marino's main form of cross training is snowboarding the dry: skateboarding. "I really enjoy skating," says Marino. A few summers ago, she and her father built a mini-ramp in the backyard, where they spent a lot of time during the warmer months. In general, board sports such as surfing and skateboarding are well suited for snowboarding, says Marino. "All snowboarders I know can surf and skate really well," she says. "I think these three sports are very closely related."

So if you're reluctant to pull yourself up a mountain, be it out of fear of heights, out of the cold, or for some other reason, you can do so Areas where you might find less intimidating environments through skateboarding or surfing the internet .

. Hit the slopes with friends to overcome your fear.

"Snowboarding is a great mental sport," says Marino. "You may have the physical talent, but if your mind is not there, it may derail your entire [experience]."

The main fear Marino struggles with is hurting herself. "Some of the jumps in competitions are really big and it's frightening to meet them," she says. "It's not like basketball or football when you're on the ground, there's a lot more at risk."

And while new snowboarders will not try the high-flying tricks that Marino and other pros make, the sport can be After all, you're going to rally down a mountain with two feet together, not a serene scenario, to deal with any anxiety you experience on the first, second or 100th time on the mountain: "I think it's important that you surround yourself with people and not just stay alone and stay in your thoughts and start thinking things over all the time, "says Marino, who occasionally talks to a sports psychologist and calms his nerves before the race, by making fun of friends, playing music and filming videos, this helps "to divert the mind from what you are about to do" and "reduce the stress." [1 9659033] Of course, having snowboarding safety should always be your priority, which is why, as mentioned, it is very helpful for first time buyers who reach the mountain with a trained instructor. Know also that if a certain run or attempt of a certain skill makes you uncomfortable, it is more than good to sit it out.

. 6 Focus on the fun.

"I was trying to think about [what I love about snowboarding] today because I lost track of it a bit when I was in a bunch," Marino says about the busy schedule she had last achieved in the Olympic season of the year. "I was getting pretty stressed out and wondering if I would think about my performance."

That's why Marino approaches this year with a witty first-season finish. "That's why I do not do that much [competitions] so I can go out and do some snowboarding only with my friends," she says. She loves boarding, she says, just being up the mountain, no rules or guidelines and having fun.

The same philosophy can and should apply to beginners as well. Although snowboarding can be a learning curve characterized by uncomfortable and / or otherwise challenging moments, once you master the basic abilities of the sport you can be an extremely fun form of fitness and a special way of spending time in the snowboarding world to spend free time. And this enjoyment is something that professionals like Marino and newcomers like you and me can share.

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