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6 things you can not expect during your first 5K


It takes a bit of courage to get to the starting line at 5K. All beginners (and many experienced runners) get the nervousness. Maybe you signed up for a race this spring or are thinking of trying. To reduce some of the stress before the race, take a look at some common comments that are often heard by newbies after their first 5K. Discover now (before the race) how to avoid disturbing surprises.

6 things you could not expect during your first 5K

) "I have SOOOOO hot (or cold)!

The Rule When you race, you should look at the weather forecast for the hour, where you race and dress to keep temperatures below 20 degrees warmer than what the mercury reflects during your run, in other words, if you want it to be 60 degrees during the race, dress like it does 80 Runner's World has a "what you wear" tool that you can access here to reduce the guesswork.

2) "When I felt I was getting faster, that was The race is over! "

5k are relatively short races and remember, running is different than running, a short warm-up jog (7-10 minutes) brings oxygen into your muscles, lubricates your joints and focuses your mind Many racers also take a few "steps" to get started getting ready to go! Sprint out a few feet and then slow down to get your system ready for action.

3) "I was trampled at the beginning."

(Otherwise known as: "I'll never look at an elbow in the same way again … that is, as soon as the swelling in my blue eye wears off …") A race is a race and many people take it very seriously! To avoid being run over at the start of the race, ask the people around you at the starting line, at what speed they are running. You'll quickly understand whether you need to step back or go forward to find "your people". If you want to avoid getting your elbow out of the middle of the pack, run around the edges until the crowd fades away.

4) "I went out the third mile."

Avoid going too fast. Driving a 5km race should be challenging and not chat-chatty. You should be able to say "good job" to the person running near you. But you should not want to do a dissertation. Your kick in the end should leave you breathless.

5) "The person next to me did not look swift.

But they kicked my ass … while I was wearing a tuxedo! You can not judge a book by the title when it comes to the ability of one People are going to run fast and develop well in a race People will surprise you Understand that you are your competition Run your race instead of trying to figure out the plan of the person next to you

6 ) "That was a BLAST. When is the next race?

Run with this feeling! Sign up for another 5K and get back to the starting line!

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