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6 slam ball exercises for stronger legs and glutes

Tighten and tone your buttock muscles with these innovative ball exercises.

This is a partial training. You can find the rest of the moves at Life by Daily Burn.

If you look at a slam ball, leg and gluttony exercises may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you integrate this softly weighted ball into your prey routine, your bottom half will work hard. Weak hamstrings, glutes and hips can cause knee and back pain. So, if you are looking for a way to strengthen those muscles while you build up strength, the blast ball can kill two flies with a big, squishy ball.

Gerren Liles, PROJECT by Equinox Master Trainer and Reebok ONE Elite Ambassador likes it Use it for a quick leg workout. "The Slamball is a simple tool that allows you to move in multiple dimensions and directions and serve as a load to develop strength and strength," says Liles.

In addition to tightening and toning, the Slamball creates an unstable environment that forces your body to work harder to balance the weight. (Stability Challenge, anyone?) And because you will be moving in different levels of movement, you will also be working on your core, legs and arms.

"The ball can be used as a support to challenge your stability as you will see in the Bulgarian Squat and Football Tap Drill." It can also be used as a kind of resistance in the squat with front bump and hamstring curls "Liles explains. Take a look at how versatile this space-saving device can be in the following six exercises.

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6 Slam-Ball Exercises That Build Lower Body Strength [1
9659009] These movements will not only blow up your lower half, but also your ankle agility, agility and improve reflexes. Add some intensity and they will increase your heart rate, says Liles. Do 8 to 10 repetitions of each exercise for two sets.

   Bulgarian Squat Exercise

GIFs: Tiffany Ayuda / Life by Daily Combustion

1. Bulgarian Squat

This variant of squat challenges your balance. So that your foot does not roll off the ball, take your core so you can control yourself better, says Liles

How to: Stand with your feet in front of a bang. Kick back with your right foot and put your toes on the ball (a) . Keep your weight in your left heel, slowly lower your body into a lunge, and bend your right knee toward the floor. Your left knee should be at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Make sure your left knee is over your ankle (b) . Straighten both legs and stop (c)

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   Hip Bridge with Hamstring Curling Exercise

2 , Lying Hip Bridge with Hamstring Curl

Take your glute bridges to the next level with this variant, which also strengthens your hamstrings. The missing surface of the ball is an additional challenge to slow down the movement.

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How to: ] Lie on your back, lift your hips from the floor and your calves and Heels on top of the ball. Hands laying on the ground (a) . Pull your heels with control in your butt and bend your legs. Your hips should be even higher when you press your buttock muscles to bring in your heels (b) . Slowly move your legs back to their starting position (c) .

   Lying quad exercise

3. Lying Quad Extension

Your quads, thighs and buttocks are some of the largest muscle groups in your body. This simple step fires all three and helps you burn more calories per workout.

How to: Lie flat on your back and place the ball between your calves with your knees bent to lift your head off the ground and lift your chin to your chest (a) Without moving your hips, bring your legs straight up to the ceiling (b) Then bend your knees until the ball touches the back of your legs, and remember to put your deep back in to push the ground the Enti movement (c) .

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