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6 must-haves for your cosmetic bag

  6 Must-Haves for Your Cosmetic Bag

Quick Bites

  • Store a moisturizer to create a flawless canvas perfect for your lips and cheeks

If you're just into the world of Make-ups, it's normal for you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of makeup that's stacked up in the stores. It's important to have a good amount of make-up in your bag that makes it easy for you to get an everyday look, especially when in a hurry. Once you have the basics in your bag, you can achieve a make-up look in no time. Here's a guide to all the makeup basics you should have and include in your makeup bag.


Everyone knows the importance of a moisturizer. You need a moisturizing base to make the makeup look flawless. A moisturizer moisturizes your skin and prevents excessive oil production after makeup. You should opt for a light moisturizer that is quickly absorbed by the skin.

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Foundation is the key to an even skin tone that we can only dream of given the pollution and the turmoil that is we go through daily lives. Make sure you buy a primer that provides good coverage and sits perfectly on your skin. It should perfectly match your natural skin tone. If you do not get the color you want, you can mix two shades to get the results you want.


A concealer is a must for dark circles, blemishes, and discoloration if there is something on your face. They provide complete coverage and even make your skin in places where your foundation would be unable to. You can opt for a cream-based or roll-eye concealer – they are easy to use and reduce swelling.


Eyeliner is a very important part of any make-up look. Eyeliner is used to loosen up your eyes and look more representative. With Eyeliner alone, you can look instantly ready by giving your eyes a definition. If you are not yet an eyeliner, you can start with a gliding pen or a liquid eyeliner.

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Lip and Cheek Color

A lip and cheek color is all for make-up. A short touch of color on the cheeks is perfect if you do not have much time on your hands. Applying a lip color can give life to your make-up look. Choose a creamy formula if you are thinking of buying one. The best thing about this two-in-one product is that it's compact and fits easily in your pocket.


As a freshman, you may think that brow browsing will not help my make-up look, but it's not true. You will see that doing your eyebrows can make a big difference to your look as soon as you do it. Buy a good eyebrow gel or powder product to get a natural eyebrow. All you have to do is follow your natural forehead shape and sharpen the edges.

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Written by: Arushi Bidhuri

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff March 04, 2019

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