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6 important tips for hair care for sports enthusiasts

  6 Important Tips for Hair Care for Sports Enthusiasts

Quick Bites

  • Nothing ruins your hair more than an unhealthy hair routine
  • Wet hair is more sensitive to damage
  • Try using these tips Change itself

There is nothing better than a good workout. But did you know that some of your after-gym hair habits can harm your beautiful mane? The answer is yes, they hurt your hair and nothing ruines it more than an unhealthy hair routine.

Even if you think that unhealthy hair habits do not damage your health, over time they can damage your scalp and distract food from your hair. Here are six important hair care tips that will help all athletes and protect them from damage.

Skip the Scrunchies

What most people do is they tie their hair together with a rubber band, even if they are wet, which is a big no to the health of the hair , Wet hair is more sensitive to damage, so you should never do this. All you have to do is keep them open after training and allow them to air dry at will. You can style them later, but try to skip the hair dryer as much as possible.

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Use a hair-removal spray

If you shower after exercise, a hair-removal spray is a must , It will soften your hair and confuse the knots that are in your threads. All you have to do after washing your hair is to dry it with a towel, spray some confusing spray and brush it with a wide tooth comb. Voila! Her hair is now ready to visit places.

Do Not Use Shampoo Regularly

While the stickiness you may feel in your hair can irritate you and you want the shampoo, try to avoid the urge. With regular shampoo in the hair, the natural oil can be removed from the scalp, making it dry. The trick is to wash and condition your hair with lukewarm water. If you skip the shampoo, your hair will not be damaged.

Do not style them

Wondering if you really need to style your hair for the gym? Do not use hot metal hair machines before or after training to prevent hair damage. These hair machines can make your hair dull and prone to breakage. A quick tip: Use baby powder to remove oil or sweat in the hair.

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Say "No" to dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is intended for dry hair. All it will do is leave a sticky residue on the scalp that makes it look weird. Use it before going to the gym as it can prepare your strands to absorb all the sweat.

Brush your hair

If you brush your hair after a workout, you can eliminate the jams at your roots. If you sweat during your workout, your scalp will produce natural oils that are great for your hair. By brushing your hair immediately after exercise, these natural oils will reach the middle and the end of your hair.

Written by: Arushi Bidhuri

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff January 09, 2019

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