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6 basic barbell exercises for beginners

For many people, a dumbbell is the most horrible device in the gym. I felt the same way when I touched one for the first time. The thing is, even if you've lifted dumbbells and kettlebells a dumbbell is a kind of animal. It's much bigger and you can not hold it with one hand. You can not do it so cleverly to maneuver your body. If it rests on a rack, you need to remove it and put it back in the correct form. And, if you've ever seen a powerlifter doing his thing, you probably thought OK, wow, dumbbells are not old for me.

But that can be. You should definitely master Body Weight Exercises before you progress to Dumbbells (or any weights for that matter), but as long as you have Force Foundation and know how to do strength training exercises with stellar shape There is no reason why you can not try the dumbbell. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor if you have had any injury or safety concerns for you in the past, and do not hesitate to ask a trainer in your gym for help when you need it.

To help you get started, we asked Jason Pak NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Coach, and co-founder of Achieve Fitness Boston to share with us the best dumbbell exercises for beginners , He chose the six moves below because they offer "the best punch for your money in terms of overall strength and muscle mass development," he says. Although dumbbells may be a challenge at first, they also have "much more potential for your body's gradual challenge, as you can go up in small increments and are definitely worth the time investment!" Pak adds.

"These exercises are aimed at squatting, hinging, pushing and pulling – all important patterns that contain every muscle in your body," says Pak. These are basic steps that will help you to get the feel of the barbell in the safest way, and some of them are modified to be easier to handle for anyone just learning to navigate with this type of equipment ,

For all exercises below, start with a weight that feels like you are giving a force of 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 . "It will initially feel light, but it's more about learning the movement than increasing the stress at that point," says Pak. Retain the reps for 5 to 5 each so you can concentrate fully on the form. "Every week, increase the weight by 2.5 to 5 pounds in total, as long as you feel comfortable."

Demoing the moves below are Amanda Gilliam a super heavyweight holding a fat-positive, both in the open and in the Master Division of Olympic Weightlifting and founder of Big Girl Barbell body-positive space in weight training; and Davi Cohen, a powerlifter, farmer, educator, dancer, singer, coach and youth mentor in Brooklyn.

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