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5 tips for strength training to remember

It's hard not to be scared when someone with bad body weight lifts weights. Lack of proper technique can make training less effective and lead to injuries of any kind. If you or someone you know wants to brush up on technique and shape, follow these tips.

Get up and breathe.

Attitude is important. Stand with your chin up, chest up and shoulders up, back and down. Do not bend over and do not hold tension on the neck. During strength training, build your abs to protect your lower back. And make sure you breathe instead of holding your breath and exhale on the effort.

Use muscles and not momentum.

Do not use momentum to lift weights – attack your muscles. Avoid swinging the weights and intentionally raise the range of motion instead. They activate more muscle fibers and achieve better results. As a rule of thumb, if you can not swing a weight without panning it is too heavy.

Request for help.

When using machines, take a look at the sign on the machine. Read the instructions and understand which muscles you will use. If you use dumbbells and have questions about knee position or arm movement, consult a personal trainer or join a group force to get tips on the right technique.

Use all muscle groups. [19659003] One of the most efficient ways to build muscle is to put together exercises that train more than one muscle group at a time. For example, a walking lunge requires multiple muscle groups such as your quads, glutes, hip flexors, and thigh muscles. Add a bicep curl as you perform each lunge, and now you are also working on your biceps.

Make sure you feel it.

If you do not feel anything after 12 to 15 repetitions, the weight or resistance is probably too light. Change your weight or the machine so that you feel tired after 12 repetitions. Listen to your body and be sure to distinguish between muscle aches and muscle fatigue. Muscle aches are "Ouch, that really hurts". Muscle fatigue is "wow I'm getting tired, can hardly do another repetition". Never work through severe pain.

During strength training, make sure that you change the muscles you train. If you feel sore, you should recover for a day or two before you train those muscle groups again. Try to do weight training two to three times a week.

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