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5 things you should never say to your child

Children watch their parents the most. They learn from you and sharpen your habits. They are their best role model. As a parent, you must be careful in your actions. But along with your actions, you have to take responsibility for what you say to your children. Parents should be careful when choosing wording. Your words can have a lasting effect on your children. You can even change your child's opinion about you. You can motivate your child by using only the right words. You may not notice, but there are certain expressions that you use every day and negatively affect your children. Here are some things you should not tell your kids.

She's better than you

The comparison is one of the worst things parents often do. Some parents compare their children with others to learn from them. But it does not work that way. The comparison affects the self-esteem of the child. It reduces self-confidence and children also ask about their abilities. Instead of comparing your child with others, you should make suggestions. Try to teach them how to improve and believe in their own talents.

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You are too young to ask

You say this to your child, they limit your child's thinking ability on. Try to answer your question as well as possible. Make your answers informative enough to trigger curiosity. If your child asks an inappropriate question, try to answer in a different way than to ignore it. If you ignore your question, you will try to find answers from other sources. So never say no and try to be a good source for your children.

Learn from Your Siblings

The comparison is extremely bad for your child. A comparison of your child with his siblings is as bad as a comparison with other children. The comparison does not only make them feel neglected, but also leads to jealousy among the siblings. If you compare your child with his siblings, you feel left out. It also develops a sense of failure in them.

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A straight no

Children often hear nothing. A straight no can be very rude. Do not say no to everything. That does not mean that you have to agree with everything your child says. If you want to say no, say it another way, that you are not feeling bad. Try to understand all the possibilities that can arise in this particular situation. This will make them make wise choices and understand your concerns about them.

You can not do that

Never tell your children directly about them. This can shake the trust of your child. You underestimate your child unintentionally. This gives your child the feeling that they are unable to do so.

Whenever you instruct your child, try to use polite words. Ruse them only when necessary. Do not use words that can demotivate you. Be positive to create a positive environment in your home.

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