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5 things you need to build a home gym for less than $ 100 and 7 optional add-ons

There is no question: If you train at home some have serious practical advantages. There is no need to take travel time to and from the gym into account, you never have to pack a bag and you can take your headphone music with you without headphones. And for many people, the home is also a pressure-free zone for training (because gyms can feel intimidating, especially if you're new to fitness ).

Of course there are some limitations associated with starting a home exercise program. For one thing, you could have minimal exercise room . In addition, gyms usually have a high level of equipment, and it's not exactly cheap to put all your bells and whistles into your home equipment. (In fact, you do not have to spend any money at all ̵

1; there are many ways to do cardiac and strengthening work by using only your body weight for resistance.) But you have some bonus equipment available, giving you more exercise options, letting you Increasing strength adds resistance and gives your workout more variety, so you (and your muscles) are not bored by the same old, same-old routine.

Start with the basics: Here are five devices that allow you to start your home gym for less than $ 100. Also, review seven add-ons that you can invest in if it makes sense for your space, budget and fitness goals. By the way, not everything on this list is an absolute must for everyone as your home workout room should be adapted to you. So do not imagine these items as a purchase list. Instead, opt for what you invest in based on your personal exercise routine and habits.

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