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5 signs that you were with someone for too long

From: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer, Nurmyhealth Editorial Staff Date: June 16, 2017

You have lost the number of your battles; you're used to his or her crazy antics, you know yourself better than yourself, you've seen the ups and downs of the other, you still have not cracked the knot, but you're already acting like a couple, maybe because you did did you have each other, because you do not know when. Maybe it's time to know that you actually negotiated too long with each other. We give you 5 signs that you have been with someone for too long!

  • 1

    You know them better

    & lt; p style = "text-align: justify;" They know her and her likes / dislikes better than anyone else and vice versa. It feels like you know them better than you do. They are mutual trusted, best friends, everything. No one comes to mind when you need someone except him. You know her favorite color, you know her favorite food, you know her poison and there are many other things that you and only you know. The considerable amount of time you have spent together has enabled you to be your only true soul mate. & Nbsp; & lt; strong & gt; & lt; br / & gt; & lt; / strong & gt; & lt; / p & gt; & lt; p & gt; strong picture: Shutterstock & lt; / p & gt;

      You know them much better
  • 2

    Not without him or her

    There are hardly any plans that you can make without her from her You can not imagine a trip without her. Yes, you would not go out without them, there is a new movie release and you want to see them first with them, you're always together so your friends are pretty angry about it, your other friends.

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      Not without him or her
  • 3

    There's no clumsiness anymore

    You can be as awkward as you want, and guess what he or she does not do Caution because you are perfect with them. Now you can both talk to a mouthful of food, you can falter in front of them, you can dig your nose, and they'll never be disgusting. The comfort you have gained over a period of time is the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced.

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      There is no clumsiness anymore
  • 4

    You hang up without saying you love

    The best part is you do not care anymore if he or she is separated becomes without saying "I love you". They love each other, but they do not have to prove it by saying it. You know that you love yourself and feel comfortable with this fact. You are not like "loving puppies," even though you are one.

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      You hang up without saying I love you
  • 5

    Forgetting is now allowed

    Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries are no longer a serious crime. You have gained the understanding to understand that remembering dates is not love, and there is no day more special than the other days you spend together.

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      Forgetting Is Now Allowed

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