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5 Lunges Everyone with tight hips should do it

We constantly use the muscles in and around our hips, from getting up, walking, to training. Meaning that there is a good chance you will feel it if your hips are not functioning optimally A car or generally not constantly up and down, you know what we are talking about. The hips are just the beginning of a long chain of muscles and tendons that run down the leg, and some of the largest muscles in your body surround the hips (hey there, glutes!). If these areas are weak or the range of motion of is restricted this may affect your ability to move comfortably through your day-to-day life and properly perform your workout. Your hips may feel tense or painful, or you might even hurt another part of your body if your hips can not do your job completely. You have the mobility, strength and stability you need and need for daily activities and more not be complicated. In fact, you can do it with one of the simplest exercises: the lunge.

The lunge is a great way to exercise your hips. It expands and strengthens gluteal muscles Achilles tendon, quads and even muscles in ankles and a kernel. By combining your lung training to include variations that move you in all directions, you can better strengthen your hips in all ranges of motion in which they wish to move. Which is a lot.

The hip joint is one of the largest in the human body. It is a ball joint, which means that it can also move in more directions than almost any other joint ( the shoulder is also a ball joint). Unlike a hinge joint, which, like the knee, moves (mostly) only forward and backward, the shape of the ball joint in the hip allows flexion, extension, internal and external rotation, abduction, and adduction. Basically, hips should move in all directions to a certain extent. But in everyday life, most of us actually only move forward and backward.

Lunges occur here. We not only talk about forward and backward lunges but lunges in which you diagonally recede sideways and turn your upper body. I spoke with Colleen Conlon Certified Personal Trainer and Group Coach at Equinox and Daily Burn to learn about the lunges she teaches her clients to help build strength and mobility in this important area. Together, we've developed a list of Lunge steps that will help you work in different ranges of motion and build healthy, happy hips.

You can do one of these lunges with or without weights – just make sure that you can do this first with the right shape before adding an external resistor. Select a few to add to your Dynamic Warm Up Program or use them during your regular workout to show some love to your hips Powerlifter competing with USA Powerlifting and set several records in the world US state of New York holds; Crystal Williams a group coach and trainer who teaches in gyms in New York City; Teresa Hui a native New Yorker who has contested more than 150 road races, including 16 full marathons; and Cookie Janee a background investigator and security specialist in the Air Force Reserve.

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